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WinniesStyle has a following across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and recently YouTube: most of my readers come from Nigeria, the USA, the UK, Germany, Belgium, Kenya, etc. I love to work with brands whose products/services fit in with my blog niche. I am a minimalist, hence a minimal fashion blogger as well as have a keen interest in protective hair styling, skincare and makeup. I also give reviews of products and (or) services I have personally used or gotten to enable me give a sincere review of such. I love honesty and so do not subscribe to misleading my readers and followers. the international community as well!!!! 

I give honest reviews on products that I accept or services I get from brands that are relevant to my audience and I. I only review products/services I have used or experienced. Products/services I review must fit my blog theme, and these include, but are not limited to; fashion products, makeup, skin care… for lifestyle; diet products, travel accessories, hotels, restaurants, food, fitness accessories, etc.

I love to hold giveaways and contests on my platforms as a way to give back to my readers and followers. So, if you would have me feature your product in a giveaway for my readers, please you are welcome to send me an email detailing what you have in mind!

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You can send me a mail if you will like to have your brand banner/logo pasted on the side widget of my blog.

I also accept invitations to events related to my blog profile, for example; store openings, fashion shows, meet and greets, etc. Being an enthusiastic event planner, I also appreciate being part of a team to plan an event related to my niche as well.

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