Hello Lovelies, welcome to my blog!
I’m Chidalu Winifred.
I’m 33 years old.
I live in Abuja, Nigeria.
I am single... again????
I’m Mom to a cute little angel, Gorgeous (Born October 1st).

I’m so glad you found your way here!

Growing up an orphan was quite tough. There were so many things which I wanted that I couldn't have. My elder sister will always remind me of one of our father's favorite scriptures, "Be content with what you have." This helped me a lot through life as an adolescent, teenager and now an adult. I trained myself to close my eyes to the things I couldn't afford and to be happy with what I have.

Aside clothes and shoes, there are other things I wanted...

I wanted to be a runway model, showed up to several model castings, but my size 10 body never got me a slot... I still love me though. More because, after several failed attempts at beauty pageantry, I finally won Miss NYSC during my time... it really boost my confidence. I have written over 50 un-produced music... #diaryoflostdreams

Anyway... this blog has given a voice. Somewhere to vent, express and talk about my passions, inspirations, tips, tricks, finds and life.

I wasn't originally a minimalist style blogger until I stumbled on to it on figtny.com and harperandharley.com. After much research, I realized that it is a perfect definition of what has become my style. I love my outfits to be simple, chic and classy. Once in a while, I reflect my tom-boy side in my style too. White and black happens to be my favorite colors. I also love other shades of nude; grey, cream, silver, khaki,  etc.

I’m passionate about minimal fashion, skincare for us over 30, telling the truth about life as a mom, post-partum bodies and sharing a strong message behind my fashion posts. My goal is to motivate and inspire my audience to buy less but purposefully.

This blog features my minimal wardrobe and fashion finds, beauty and lifestyle content. I decided to try the minimal lifestyle since 2017, and counting... and I'm loving it more and more. At first, it was meant to be about my personal style, but it is gradually taking over my life as a whole, from home/office decor, pieces of jewellery, makeup, etc...

...and because owning a minimalist wardrobe entails going for items of clothing and accessories that can randomly pair with each other, I also feature repeat clothes/accessories in different styles... so... it is quite interesting and explorative... Now. That, I like.

I love the whole minimalist concept as it gives room for focusing on what is most important and letting go of excesses.

I hope you are entertained and inspired.

You can find me here on the blog at least 4 days a week and in-between I will be hanging out on my other social channels;
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If you want to send me a love letter, talk about collaborating or invite me to a fun event, feel free to write to [email protected]

I hope you will enjoy this blog and I’m looking forward to getting to know each other a bit better.
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