Best Shapewear Recommendations From FeelinGirl

I know weight loss can be daunting, especially for us mums, but I've got good news for you. The struggle to get back to your pre-pregnancy body does not have to be so tough anymore, help is here.

Who said it is just mums, anyway?

Where all my chubby gorgeous ladies at? This post is for you too!

So we have a problem with our protruding belly... Like, I can totally relate. We don't like it and no matter how much we shout 'self-love is #goals' from now till tomorrow if you are not used to a protruding belly (or even if you are), you will hardly ever be satisfied with it. This is where shapewear bodysuit comes in.

They are a sports and fitness/shapewear brand that produces various waist trainer for women. So if you've been struggling with weight loss or you are already on your weight loss journey but you need a product that puts your body together, in other words, makes everything fit exactly where they need to be, I have selected a few items from their collections for you. These I believe will give you maximum hold and also facilitate your workout or dieting journey.

1. Body Suits: I'll call this the All-In-One Body Slimmer, though they call it the FeelinGirl Post Surgical Compression Shapewear. It is designed to take care of your body from your shoulder, down to your tighs (in my opinion). I haven't used this before, but the reviews on them are quite great (I'll definitely give them a try). It can be worn with both dresses and pants.
Plus-size Shapewear Bodysuit
Plus size Shapewear Bodysuit

I love that this shapewear has an opening in the crotch area for easy bathroom access (though for someone like me, I'll literally remove it to ease myself). It also has butt-lifting functions as well, which enhances your body's natural structure.

2. Waist Trainer/Cincher: I'll recommend this to be worn during workout sessions as the design will look awkward under any outfit. However, you can also wear it at home or to run errands if you don't mind people watching... it actually comes in other fancy designs that can suit some outfits. This will help build your waistline.
Plus-size Zipper Latex Waist Cincher
Plus size Zipper Latex Waist Cincher

For the best results, I'll recommend you wear it for at least 16 hours daily, especially if you are spending the day at home.

In conclusion, I'll like to mention that having these products does not replace the need to place your self on a healthy SUSTAINABLE diet and exercise routine that will actually be beneficial to your fitness journey as well as your general well-being. However, the FeelinGirl shapewear will serve you before and even after you achieve your dream body, hence, it's a win-win.

I hope you found this helpful, if you did, then share it to someone who might need it.

Have you used any of the shapewear mentioned above? if yes, what was your experience?


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