A More Purposeful Content Creation: Featuring PacisVichi Shift Dress

I've always loved blogging and content creation, and I have had a lot to learn in the 4-5 years of my blogging journey. However, for the first time, everything I am doing as a creator suddenly makes sense. Have you ever been involved in something that you are giving and doing so much for, but yet, you can hardly understand the point of everything?  This is how I've felt in the past years. I always felt there was a vacuum.

As much as I created fashion and beauty content which I love and enjoy, I always felt like something was missing... and it manifested in the difficulty to determine my niche.

However, thanks to the lockdown, with the reality of the state of the world we are living in and seeing how we are very much closer to the rapture, I began to re-analyze my life. I began to ask questions like, "What will really count to God as regards how I used my influence or knowledge to impact the world? I began to see things differently; especially when it comes to influencing. I saw the mundanity in pursuing likes and followers... seeking brand validation, etc. I began to realize the reason why just being a fashion and beauty influencer has never been enough

I always wanted to do much more more. I've always known I was meant to do much more than convince people to buy clothes and beauty products from a particular brand.  

In reality, what is the value in that?

Anyway, fashion and beauty are something I love and it will remain a part of my content,  but I am now more focused on value-adding content related to Christianity and relationships which are much more important aspects of our existence.

Now content creation means something different to me. Being an influencer means something different to me. I recognize the opportunity and mandate I've been given when Jesus said we should take the gospel to the peoples and nations of the earth. 

Influencing my world for Christ is my calling, and I have found content creation more purposeful.

Now being consistent, shooting several videos, and keeping your audience more engaged on relevant and value-adding subjects makes sense.

I am so excited about the future!

I can't wait to really reach that level of success I've always dreamt to attain... now not just as an influencer, but a faith and lifestyle influencer.

I'm wearing: (shop similar fabric here and hereAnkara Low-Pleat Shift Dress by PacisVichi Atelier and Pesplex Heel by Amina Muaddi (shop here)

Are you a content creator? 
If yes, what changed the game for you?


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