How I Take Care of My Feet: Featuring The Foot Factory Review

Who else noticed there's a lot of focus on facial and skincare, but not many people talk about skincare for other parts of the body? Well, today I am going to share how I care for my foot. I personally believe that every part of our hygiene and skincare should be given as much attention as the face, and that is what inspired this post.

Sometime last year, my feet developed some sort of excessive dryness. Being someone with excoriation tendencies, I gave in to the weakness of peeling my skin because I hated feeling roughness on my skin. I peeled and peel until I hurt myself, yet I did not stop.

After a few months, I had to look into how to get my feet back to its normal texture. So I ordered this footcare set from the Paxo Online store. I also realized the dryness could have been as a result of using the wrong product on my feet (a product not meant for the feet). So this time, I wasn't going to hold back. 

You'll need:
I use these FootBerry set from Paxo online which includes a foot soak, foot scrub, and foot lotion. I also add to the foot soak; hot water, Epsom salt, lemon, and tea tree or lavender essential oil.


1. Pour hot (not scalding hot) water in a bowl that can take your feet.
2. Add  FootBerry Foot soak, essential oils, lemon, and Epsom salt.
3. Soak for 5 mins
4. Take turns to scrub your feet, paying attention to cuticles,
5, Apply  FootBerry Foot scrub and allow to sit for about 15minutes, then wash it off.
6. Apply FootBerry "Very Berry" Foot lotion. I would have opted for the "Mint" lotion, but it was not in stock.
7. I apply my DIY shea butter to seal in the moisturizer.
8. I wear socks to protect my feet from excess dryness.

I hope you enjoyed this post. You can shop these products online from Paxo Online store with the code *Winniesstyle* to get a 10% discount.

What products do you use in taking care of your feet?


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