12 Ways To Be Productive While Practicing Social-distancing

Hello everyone, how are you holding up these past few weeks? Who would have thought that the world would shut down as much as it has between December and now? Well... I guess whoever created Covid 19 did.

I have been indoors now for 6 days and honestly, it has been quite overwhelming, not just the fear-gripped news in the media, but the thought of the uncertainty of the future... I couldn't help but wonder what the future holds for me and other numerous content creators, companies, petty businesses, entrepreneurs, etc. Depression gradually set in.

I had to shake myself out of it!!!

Wake up Winnie!

As an influencer, this is the time to demonstrate true leadership to my viewers, not that I have it all figured out, nevertheless, I've got to show them that they can actually be productive and enjoy this season, knowing that it will pass.

This why I'm sharing how to be productive while practicing social distancing as directed by our governments.

  1. Acquire more knowledge: Be it reading magazines, blogs, books, etc. or watching documentaries and youtube channels, etc. There are several benefits here; entertainment, learning, broadening our minds, etc. This is a good time to learn new things about your craft or take some free online courses.
  2. Fellowship with God. This I do by studying, singing, meditation & praying. I can't over-emphasize that this is the key to staying sane and making sense of everything happening in our world today. 
  3. Relating to friends and acquaintances online. Yeah! Since we can't stand close to each other, we can basically stay connected online using several social media platforms and apps like Facetime will really make a huge difference right now.
  4. Call relatives. Basically, reach out and check up on your loved ones.
  5. Stay Indoors. Go out only when necessary (for groceries)
  6. Exercise. Staying fit is vital this period since we are mostly eating and lounging. A lit running, jugging and sit-ups, or even dancing should do the trick.
  7. Watch lots of movies. This aids relaxation for me as well as serves as great entertainment.
  8. Complete old or archived content. Now you have all the time to batch your content, don't waste it.
  9. Create new content. Definitely! It may be a little difficult if the house may seem a little bit rowdy since everyone is home. Try taking walks and finding "alone times" to enable focus, brainstorm and create new ideas.
  10. Stay up-to-date on what is happening in the world. No matter how much negative information is sold in the media, make up your mind to rebuff them with number 2 above. However, be in the know so you can understand the seasons and times and be abreast of the governments next line of action
  11. Join an online community. In January 2020, I started TheInfluencerBrunch out of the desire to be part of a community of like-minded creatives. So far, being able to communicate with them in this social distancing season has really been relieving as we are able to share coping tips as well as encourage others to be motivated through our weekly challenges and discussions.
  12. Wash your hands, sanitize and stay safe!... Surviving this season will be the biggest victory.

In the end, we should all do our parts in supporting the government, the doctors and nurses working tirelessly to take care of the sick and other workers such as; cleaners, storekeepers, bankers, fuel station staff, etc.

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Thank you for reading!
Photos: Joy Udeme

How are you practicing social distancing and being productive?


  1. Great tips! So glad to be a part of The InfluencerBrunch. I must it's quite challenging finding some alone time tho.

    1. Yeah. I get that. for me, sometimes I have to literally ask them to leave the room or if you don't mind going outside, you can take a walk within your neighbourhood.


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