First Impression: Beyond Beauty Powder Palette

One of my favorites moments in shopping is receiving a gift of something I lost or something that has just finished just about the time I needed to restock it. Exciting right? 

That's how I felt when I received this powder from Beyond Beauty. 

It is the Beyond Beauty U.S.A. Professional Makeup 6 Color Face Powder Palette SBF 30. Beyond Beauty is a Nigerian makeup brand and being that it was my intention to explore Nigerian brands this year, I was really excited to receive this palette.

In my opinion, I really don't know about the SPF... I already do a lot on my skin, so I can't really give credit to the powder for sun-protection and all. However, I love the product. Really. I think I will make a conscious effort to use a product for at least 1 month before I give a review, I've had this product since December and I have created several looks with it. It works really well.

Initially, It felt like the powder shades were too light for my skin, but I eventually found a way to work around that by mixing the shades to get a shade that suits my skin.

Have you used this product before or tried any product from the brand? 

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