First Impression: Beyond Beauty Matte Lipsticks

I've always been all about a budget-friendly lifestyle. I believe so much in affordability and functionality when it comes to buying products. I try to equate how much I am paying for something compared to how much quality I will be getting and I must say I am quite impressed with these Beyond Beauty 24 Hours Long Lasting matte lip glosses. 

Initially, I got two, the pink and red tones which I really like. A friend even saw one of them on my lips and requested I buy the exact colors for her as well.

Anyway, I met the founder during "The Makeup Fair" in Abuja and she gave me some of her products which include two extra matte lip glossed... I chose nudes... Again.

I have been wearing them interchangeably and I love them. 

They don't leave your lips all craked up and chappy. When I use these products, I really don't need to add a regular lip gloss to keep my lips moisturized because it just dries up without being scaly. So I think it is a great buy if you still love to rock matte lips during the dry season.

Yes! I will totally recommend this product!

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