My 12 Secret Lifestyle Mantra That Will Help You Live A Happier Life

1. Comparison Kills Motivation

This is one of the most dangerous paths to depression and loss of interest in life and in whatever career path you are on. Instead of comparing in a way that makes you depressed, ask yourself, what can I do more to be better? Find out what the people or person you are comparing yourself with is doing differently. Ask yourself, do I need to be more outspoken? Do I need to work on my diction? Do I need to invest in tools? etc. That way, they become an inspiration, not a competition or a yardstick for measuring your progress.

2. Stay in your own lane

By this I mean walk your own walk, not another person's. For instance, I have a 2-year old, I can't live my life like a lady who doesn't have responsibilities. Before I buy a shoe or a dress, I have to be certain, she has been provided for. You have to live a lifestyle that doesn't stress you out when you log off the internet. This can be related to our work, business, etc. Stay in your own lane. This can also mean, finding your own crowd. Don't try to force friendships or connections... you can try, but don't force it. Just do you, people who like you for who you are will come around.

3. Focus on your story

Quite similar to what I said above, but this also means minding your business. Seriously, it will help you be one hell of a focused human being. When you focus on you, you are able to even find stories in the most little details of life (like this post I'm writing now). I am so focused on my future that while lots of people are thinking about impressing people on social media, I'm interested in investments, business ideas and strategies that will make me the next Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jennar or Toke Makinwa... mostly business-wise of course.

4. You can be whatever and whoever you want to be

As a creative, there is so much focus on having a niche like being only a fashion blogger, or beauty blogger, etc. but I believe that is crap! It doesn't always work. There is hardly any blogger page I visit that I don't see a little bit of other aspects of fashion, beauty and lifestyle. The only people who can strictly follow a certain niche are for instance; tech bloggers, food bloggers, decor, etc. and these types of bloggers require in-depth knowledge and expertise in such fields to sustain a  blog. 

A while ago, I came in contact with Carla Harris who has been in Wall Street for over 20years, but she is also a singer, a public speaker and an author.

Darling, do I need to mention celebrities as well, who is known for not just being an actress or model?

You can be whatever and whoever you want to be! Try not to box yourself in.

5. Investing is good, but ensure you are not spending money you don't have

There are so many requirements for creatives and any business you want to start, even the one they told you is cheap or you can start without money... which is a lie. But let me focus on blogging, I want to know how far you are willing to go for your blog... like will you borrow money to buy the tools you need or deprive yourself for some time to save up and buy the things you need later? I believe that if your blog has not started funding itself, even passively, one shouldn't spend so much on it. Really, just keep creating your content, there are several cheap or free substitutes for anything you need, from tools to apps. Do your research. For instance, I used free blog templates for about 3 years, before buying my first one.

6. Learn from others without necessarily being a copycat

Recently I posted my first fashion styling video on Instagram, which was inspired by Sarah Audu (and I gave her credit for that). You can learn a lot by following lots of people in your field to improve your work. This does not mean copying their logo, style of posing, style of writing, etc... like, you will be selling yourself short and thereby projecting someone else instead of your true self to your audience. LEARN DON'T COPY.

7. You can never stop learning and improving on yourself

depending on what you are interested in, you have to keep learning, attending trainings, etc. Like they say, no knowledge is a waste. You don't know the day they will come in handy. Aside that, studying will definitely put you ahead of those who don't because while you are refreshing your knowledge, that of those who don't are getting obsolete.

8. Take your time to build your brand

In my case, financial constraints has really delayed my ability to invest on my blog as much as I desire to, but then here I am right? You can't give up on your dreams because in 3 years time, you will wonder how far you could have gone if you didn't quit. I'll recommend starting from where you are with what you have. Do as much as you can, go above and beyond with what tools, skills and knowledge you have. Be sure to leverage every given opportunity to network, collaborate, upgrade your brand aesthetics, etc... do all these while waiting for the perfect timing.

Rome was truly not built in a year, try not to compare yourself ESPECIALLY with people who started the same thing you are doing 8 years before you thought of your idea.

9. It's OK if you don't have it all figured out, so long as you keep learning

What happens when you don't have it all figured out? You make lot's of mistakes: but then what happens next? You learn. You become better. You grow. Don't let mistakes stop you.

10.  Be proud of your 'little' accomplishments

Oh! Yes! No one celebrates you as much as you do you. So every success you attain on your path is worth celebrating. It inspires you, your followers and even those who initially didn't believe in you.

11. Own your story and live apologetically

I don't know what you might be going through, be it financial setbacks, heartbreak, loss of a loved one, disappointment in relatives or friends, etc. whatever it is, it is ok to talk about it. If you are the type that heals by bottling it up and dealing with it on your own, great! If not, talk about your experience, how you are dealing with it and you might just be helping someone else... really. I  believe there is a reason the bible stated that we overcame by the words of our testimony.

Find a way to make a success out of those unique life experience that shakes, but don't break you.

12. Living a frugal life is OK

Wearing, buying and using less expensive clothes doesn't mean you are poor, it just mean you are real enough to set your priorities right irrespective of people's perception. If you are OK with doing what Nigerians call "borrow-pose" or living with debts, then, that is ok too. However, I believe nothing beats going to bed at night, knowing no one will disturb you with calls of, "When are you paying back my money?" and such like. Try as much as possible to live a debt-free life. Cut your coat according to your size. Be content with what you have while you are still pursuing your heart's desire.

These have been my mantra for some time now and I keep learning and discovering new ones. Really, it is a breathe of fresh air to share this part of my life with you and I hope you apply some of these to your life.

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What life Mantra do you live by? Share your thoughts with me...

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