How To Identify Your Personal Style

As a fashion lover, it is easy to be carried away with every passing fashion trend and not be able to define what you would or would not wear. However, I think everyone needs or has a personal style: this is because, your friends and relatives... basically people who are close to you should be able to tell what you would or would not wear.

For me, my style is just simple and chic or what the professionals call classic, maybe that is why minimalism just aligns quite well with me. In my younger days, I was rolling the 'tomboy' way... I guess my style kind of metamorphosed as I got "younger" (wink)... anyway, I am not into excessive embellishments and over the top designs, however, I love details on my simple piece of clothing. It could be a dramatic pocket, button, neckline, sleeve or back view.
For this post, I am featuring items I received from Femme Luxe and I have made a video discussing why I picked them. I also noticed I owned lots of black pieces which is why I picked 2 nude pieces from this set. The snake print bodysuit is black and white and will definitely fit, most bottoms in my wardrobe and for the first time, I picked a dress.

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1. Define what kind of clothes you love wearing.
For me I love turtle necks, jumpsuits (because I can bend down without my behind showing), I also like shirts and blazers (though I don't own a lot now). I also love jeans (skinny, palazzo, mum jeans, etc), tailored pants for work is also a great fit... I am not really a dress person, but a few shift-dresses for the days when you just want to throw something on and rush off will definitely make it to my wardrobe.

2. Do you like trends or are you a vintage lover?
If you like trends, that means your style is always determined by what is in vogue, which is OK. But if you love vintage pieces (like me), that means you probably go for pieces that are not trendy but always have an evergreen stylish effect anytime you wear them. For vintage lovers, aside going to fancy malls and boutiques, you can always find pieces you love in thrift shops... they are your best friend.
3. What are your favorite colors?
Colors play a huge role in finding your personal style. As a minimalist, knowing I just have to look out for the white, black and neutral-colored clothing helps make me a very focused shopper and as such reduces chances of shopping impulsively. Knowing what colors you love and what colors suits you will definitely enable you to build a functional wardrobe.

4. Do you love to accessorize? And how much?
 Accessories cannot be overlooked in personal styling. Some people like to accessorize a lot, others like me just make do with a unique, probably vintage earpiece and bracelet, and they are good to go.
5. What/who are your favorite brands and style icon?
One of the ways you find your personal style is by figuring out brands you are drawn to... are they classic, modern, eclectic, bohemian, or trend-forward? If you can define that brand's style, then you can tell what your personal style is.

6. What consists of your wardrobe staples? 
These are those items in your wardrobe you can't do without. I am talking of real "PERSONAL" wardrobe staples, not generic ones everyone talks about. How do they relate to the brands you are drawn to? How do they express your personality?
By the time you are done figuring out these points, you should be able to come to a conclusion of what your personal style is. Your personal shouldn't be cumbersome to figure, it should come naturally. Go through your wardrobe and separate the basics from the ones you can do without... and you will definitely know what your personal style is.

I'm wearing:

 White Snake Print High Neck Bodysuit (Similar here and here) paired with the High Shine Vinyl PU Pants and Black Sandals by Shoe Republic L. A

 Have you done a personal style quiz before? Do one now and let me know what your style is in the comments.

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