Alone-Time At Nutrihit Cafe

So while this might seem selfish, trust me, alone time or me-time is a thing, and you need to try it. Alone-time is when you purposely design your plan to accommodate only you: no visitors, no family, just you, your thoughts and God.

So this particular day, I was at Nutrihit Cafe Wuse 2, Abuja. I spent the day; thinking, restrategizing and creating. I was amazed at how productive I was that day. I had time to reflect on life generally; the things I'm grateful for and things I need to improve on, etc.

Living in a full house, it is quite difficult and almost impossible to have me-times, so, this particular day, I had to find someplace cozy and serene to have my me-time. I spent the better part of the day (approximately 4 hours) at Nutrihit Cafe. It is a healthy-meal cafe, meaning they serve strickly vegetarian and fruit-based recipes. If you want to eat fufu and soup and stuff like that, you won't find it here. They also don't serve soft drinks; just water and freshly made fruit juices and smoothies. 

I had the yummy vegetable wrap (basically like a shwarma) and banana/milk smoothy.  Their meals are quite affordable, the least amount is 1200 (a drink) and 1500 (meal) and the highest ranging from 5000 - 6000k, depending on what you order (it could be higher).

In summary, by the end of my me-time;

1. I had written about three blog posts in my draft.
2. I had time to reflect on my career as a blogger; what I've done and the next step.
3. For those few hours, I was able to focus on me... just a little bit, without distraction and interference.
4. It once again reminded me of the need to love and pamper myself once in a while without feeling guilty (just the mum in me).

It is a day that could have been sad and moody for me, but I turned it into a perfect alone-time, which resulted in a very productive and satisfactory one.


I'm wearing: Animal print dress by A. A. STUDIO

Do you ever create alone-times? If yes, what was your experience? If no, is it something you will try sometime?

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