OOTD: My 5 Secrets To Loving My Chubby Postpartum Body


Childbirth is such a beautiful experience. I mean, once you hold that little one in your hands, you forget all the pain that comes with delivery. However, one thing lingers after childbirth, which is the new body; baby fat, extra tummy: for some, stretch marks and green veins.
I am talking about this because this is something I have struggled with for the past 2 years, but the reality is, even if I could change the hands of time, I wouldn't have it any other way... I mean, I can't imagine my life without my baby, so... I have to find a way to deal with this present "body situation."



The question now remains, what do you do when it becomes more difficult to shed the postpartum body fat?

1. Acceptance: Start with accepting your new body. I know this is not easy and I am not in a way trying to encourage people to just keep adding weight... no, not at all. I strictly mean loving your body. This is the first step to discovering and learning new ways to rock your body unapologetically.


2. Learn: Find out how other women are rocking it. No matter how bad you feel about your postpartum body, you need to realize that there are people who have always been fat, who have always had belly fat and flabby arms, and some of them never gave in to body-shaming pressures. So refuse to give in to the pressure of hitting size 10 again, it may only just lead to depression and low self-esteem.


3. Update your wardrobe: You may need to change your wardrobe. This is so important because you are learning to love this body, so you need to experiment with what suits the new you... how to wear different outfits in a way that promotes your good sides. Please don't struggle with getting rid of the old ones that no longer fit, they will only remind you of who you were, not who you are or are meant to be NOW.


4.  Be your number one fan: I know you are not trying to prove anything to anyone, but sometimes, we do some things for our own good. Now here's what you have to do. Now that you have sorted out a wardrobe that suits your new body, it is time to flaunt it. DON'T HIDE! Don't be that lady that puts to bed and stops showing her face because people are going to say, "Omg! You've gained so much weight." When you flaunt yourself, people will be 1st to accept you, but if they don't... you know those ones that like to carry people's issue on their shoulder, leave them with their problem and just focus on being your new gorgeous self.


5. Get some body-shapers: Hello girlfriend, body shapers are your best friend at such a time as this. If the goal is to look all-snatched and to slay all day long, get a  body shaper & waist trainer... if possible a corset. These will help tuck-in all the excess fatty in and keep them exactly off the way of your 'slay mood".

This does not mean you shouldn't work on your weight, but hey! weight gain is a process as much as weight loss is, so while you are watching your weight (special diets, exercises, detox, etc.),  slay in what makes you look and feel good for now.


In summary, I am glad that in today's world, so many people (individuals and organizations/brands) are promoting the "curvy" woman, the awareness to stop body-shaming is louder and popular now more than ever. Hence, this is me boldly accepting my body, loving it and hopefully showing and inspiring other women to do the same (while we figure the weight loss thing out).

Outfit Details
For this post, I am wearing this houndstooth belted one-shoulder jumpsuit I got from FemmeLuxe Finery, a UK based online boutique. I love the quality of their products: when you've read so many reviews on "what-i-got-verses-what-i-ordered"... I was quite skeptical and I must say, I am not disappointed at all. I also love the way it suits me, and honestly, in this... I love my body so much. Gawd! Look at that butt and hip... I thought they were all gone.

Photo Credit: @mindofamaka
Thank you so much Femme Luxe for sponsoring this post.


  1. You look so sexy, and this outfit is so amazing, want see it with this bag in next time

    1. Thank you so much. *smiles* What bag were you referring to?


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