Cocoa Locks: My Go-To Drink for A Fuller, Longer and Healthier Hair

I am so excited that I am finally ready to share my review on the unique chocolate tea that has been nourishing my hair. I got the offer to review Cocoa Locks chocolate drink last year, but due to logistics delay, I finally got it this year. I decided to give myself at least 2 months before I give a review of the product.

Cocoa Locks is a drink created to boost hair growth by providing your body with the nutrients or vitamins that are not readily available in your daily meals. They have two products; the hot chocolate and the chocolate milkshake. I went for the hot chocolate because I am a chocolate lover.
Below are basically the benefits of using this products.
  • Formulated for fuller & longer hair*
  • More powerful and effective than vitamins or gummies
  • Say goodbye to damaged, broken hair*
  • Achieve healthier hair from within*
  • Low calories, low fat. Only 26 calories a mug
  • Tastes great, so that you won't want to miss a dose
  • Contains Selenium, Zinc & Biotin, which have been clinically proven to achieve longer hair.
(I pulled the list above from their website, but I will go ahead and give you my review)

The major nutrients in the drink are:

  • Biotin
  • Zinc
  • Selenium
  • Folic Acid
My review


Before I started using Cocoa Locks Hot Chocolate drink, (in fact, I'd like to add that it came at the perfect time) My hair was breaking uncontrollably, it was losing volume, weak and even the colour was just... uuhhm, pale. I hated wearing my natural hair, especially if I wanted to create an up-do.
However, cocoa lock hot chocolate changed things, really. After 2 months, I noticed my hair got darker and added volume. I trimmed my thin edges 2 months ago, but I noticed my hair is still slightly longer than it was before when stretched.
The chocolate truly tastes great and it really makes my tea thicker and more creamy. If you use Ovaltine, then you have an idea of what it looks like. It has a fine brown powdery texture that melts faster in hot water. So add it in hot water, then dilute with cold water when it has melted.

How to prepare a cup of cocoa locks hot chocolate drink

1. Pour your already boiled hot water in a cup. I usually start with half or three-quarter cup.
2. Add your powdered or liquid milk
3. Add 2 spoons of cocoa locks and stir to help it dissolve faster.
4. Add sugar/honey/stevia to taste
5. Add cold water to reduce the heat of the hot chocolate.
And your drink is ready.

I usually take mine with toasts and usually at breakfast.

I really enjoyed using this product. I would totally recommend it if you are looking for a product that will boost your hair from within, though I really think it is quite pricey. A pack costs £24.95 thats about ₦11,700. However, it is cheaper to go for the 3 or 6-month package because they come at discounted rates. You can find more details here.

(Thank you Cocoa Locks for sponsoring this post.)

I hope this review was helpful. Now tell me this,

Have you used a hair vitamin or tried to take anything for hair-growth? If yes, what was your experience like?

You thoughts and ideas are really helpful because you may be helping someone else. 

Thanks for stopping by.


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