3 Red Flags To Watchout For When Brands Reachout To You for Collaboration

I think the last time I bought accessories was in 2016, and I remember they were earrings. Since then, I just basically wore them interchangeably and they are still good.

However, last year, I got this ambassadorship offer with Bombshelaa and I was to pick some items, with a code to checkout 'free'. However, I was required to pay shipping, which I did. 

After some weeks, I didn't hear from them, so someone suggested they could be a scam... I panicked! Then, after about 2 months plus, I finally got the products.

I will definitely give a product review if you stick around long enough, but for now, I'd like to focus on the main subject of this post, which is RED FLAGS to look out for when brands approach you for collaboration.

Red Flags!

1. Check out the WHOIS records of that brand, see if the website is registered to a known person. This means, the owners ID should not be 'anonymous'. 
N/B: Some people may choose to be anonymous due to security reasons, but then, you want to be certain you are not being scammed. So if you don't mind taking risks, you can go ahead and spend your money.

2. Check previous reviews of that brand. This does not include random people (who could be friends and relatives)... see if this brand has collaborated with other influencers/content creators.

3. look for their products on marketplaces like; Amazon, Aliexpress, etc. Look for similar items and go as far as typing the exact keywords from the name of the product. You want to to compare prices. You want to be certain you are getting your moneys worth, even if the brand is offering you "free checkout' or '50% discount'. Some brands just add the cost of the product into the so called 'discount' or 'shipping' cost. In the end, you think they are doing you a favour, but then, you just paid for the products they sent you.

4. Once a brand tells you to pay for products (usually at a discounted rate) or get the products free and pay for shipping, it raises a red flag.

I know some people will frown at this, but the truth is, I would love to save other influencers and content creators from being ripped-off in the name "Ambassadorship Program". I think it is very terrible that people are willing to prey on content creators and influencers because they know there's a competition for sponsored contents.

I must say I was really happy when I finally got these products from Bombshelaa. I thought, "It was not a scam after all".

Product review
I owe it to my readers to be sincere, and I must say, I am not impressed with these products.  I will review them one after the other.

They were quite small, but what do you expect when you buy a ring online with no option to choose size or test it? So I don't blame the brand. I love them, they just draw attention to my hands and make them quite busy too. I think they are my favourite pieces from the brand.

I love this wristwatch, because of the colour and it works... really. I've worn it everyday since it arrived. My problem is that it is not branded... just like the rest of the products. if I went into a shop to buy a wristwatch for myself, I'd probably pick one with a name on it, not some random 'Quartz'.

This necklace was quite attractive on the page and I loved it when it came in. But then after one wear, I noticed the colour was already fading, so.... I'm quite disappointed. 

In conclusion, I think Bombshelaa is an online drop-shipping store because all the products seemed to have arrived from china and Singapore, instead of USA or any other western country. Though they made it clear in their FAQs that products will be shipped either from USA or other numerous manufacturers worldwide.

So if you don't mind wearing made-in-China products, you can definitely shop from Bombshelaa online store. The truth is, most of these big brands we all adore are actually 'Made in China' with 'Made in USA' or 'Made in Italy' tags. *Rolls eyes*

So what the heck?!

Do you have  any tips on avoiding online shopping or 'ambassadorship' scam?

Please share in the comments section.

Thanks for stopping by again.


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