The Hair care Brand (Products) I'm Currently Feeding My 4c Hair and Why

The last time I shared a post about my hair care regimen or any hair care post at all, I had relaxed hair. But if you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’d know that I’m currently natural. My hair will be 2 years old by September.

My goal as soon as I went natural wasn’t to get the best products in the markets; I just changed a few things. 

Initially, everything was fine, I mean I was satisfied with the products I was using and the result I was getting, but then, for some reason which I am yet to figure out, my hair started thinning down, I really didn’t know what to do… was it because I have been managing my hair by myself? Or was it that I manipulate my hair so much?… but it was difficult to accept these because I’m surrounded by people who don’t use any special products and who change their kinky hair almost on weekly bases but yet, their hair is so full and their edges are on point!

Frustrated, I decided to make a few changes starting with changing my hair care regimen. 

Why I Chose Zapi Botanics
Some time last year, I collaborated with Zapi Botanics on a giveaway on my page, though I had not used their products before then. However, I have seen quite some good reviews about their products, and even my good friend, Engee, who uses ZB products, has very full thick and healthy hair. So I decided it was time I gave my hair a boost and also be a patron to a brand that has supported me in the past.

Here are the ones I got:
1.     Zapi Botanics Deep Nourishing Hair Masque
2.     Zapi Botanics Hair and Scalp Detox
3.     Zapi Botanics Hair Leave-in Conditioner
4.     Zapi Botanics Hair Growth Stimulator

(So sorry for the blurr)
So this is not yet a full review of the brand, like the topic of this post says, I’m just sharing my recent hair care regimen, though I’m really hopeful I will love the results I get.

Furthermore, I have another organic brand I love, which is Hair Wonder. Both ZB and Hair Wonder are ‘Made In Nigeria’ brands, but Zapi is pricier compared to Hair Wonder. Anyway, in my experience, my favourite hair Wonder product is their 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner. I have used it twice and loved it, so instead of Zapi Shampoo, I preferred to stick with it. I will share more details of this product on another post, so pleeeeaaase stay tuned.

To get your own set of Zapi Botanics Hair Care products, just visit and order on their online store or send them a direct message on Instagram. If you are based in Abuja, order directly from their stockist via Whatsapp.

I'm really excited and I look forward to stronger, fuller and healthier hair with Zapi Botanics range... I can't wait to share my review with you.

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What Hair Care Brand Are You Using Currently? Are You Satisfied With Them? 
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