#OOTD: I'm Not Anti-Love or Anti-Relationship?

I know this is coming late, but I'll say it anyway... HAPPY VALS!!!! ❤️

I know it is the season of love, but it also brought back so many memories most of which are not pleasant. I mean, growing up and reading Mills & Boons, I thought love was going to be one beautiful experience... you know how they say... love is meant to feel like the 70s RnB, but all I have are memories of hurt, deceit, lying, cheating, manipulation, etc. and for some oblivious reason, I still believe in love... maybe it is just faith.

I still believe that it is possible to find that special someone that will make all the difference...

So here I am, wondering, will I ever find that special person? 

More importantly, I'm concerned because life is a bit more complicated now than when it was just me... 

Some people look at me and profile me: they think, "Oh! You are broken" or "She's messed up", but you know what, I'M FINE!

I'm fine! Just because I decided to focus on loving me and getting rich doesn't make me anti-love or anti-relationship, I just don't have any more time to accommodate assholes and non-value-adding individuals at the front row seat of my life.

Life is sweet when you have someone to share it with, but sincerely, it is better to be alone than to be with someone and still feel lonely... the goal of having a relationship is companionship, trust, love, respect and value and if you are not getting that, then you need to stay on your own.

Why does a seemingly happy couple suddenly break-up after several years? 

If you check very well, most times, they knew they were with the wrong person, but societal pressure and need to please other people with their fake love-life trapped them until they couldn't hold on anymore.

Don't be that woman or man!

If your love doesn't feel like the 70s RnB, truly, it is not love.

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Happy Valentines Day to you all!
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