New Year Thoughts, Pink Sheer Dress and Ombre Braids

Hiyaaaaa! Happy new Year and welcome to 2019. I think the whole #newyearresolution thing is gradually fading away, and people are beginning to see it as unrealistic or childish or even a scam. Nevertheless, 2019 is a new year, it is a new beginning and it is ok to set new goals and targets for your life. Call it whatever, 'resolutions', 'goals', etc. Whatever you choose, it is always a good idea to have a goal and a plan. Every organisation, even nations plan annual budget and draft plans for the coming year, why can't individuals do the same?

Having a goal and a plan will keep you organised and set you on course. Having a goal and a plan will always put you on track. For instance, if you are about to do something that is not in your plan, having a goal will always remind you if this decision you are about to make is part of your plan, it will act as a guide to ensure to don't move off track.

Though there are some things one can't control like emergencies, which could be health, financial or even physical (like relocating, travel). Some circumstances beyond your control may spring up, which will result in your readjusting your goals.

In the end, I say;

1. Have a plan, but just try as much as possible to take it one day at a time.
2. Don't over-think your goals or ambitions. By overthinking, I mean to the point of it almost becoming a burden to you.
3. Put in actual efforts towards realizing your goals. it is ok to think, research and strategize, but you will start seeing results once you start DOING something about all that work.
4. Always be thankful. Like they say, "So long as there is life, there is hope." So the fact that you are alive is enough. It may take time, but with faith and WORK, you will get your heart desire.

In the end, what matters most is HAVING AN AMAZING YEAR! Whether something spontaneous happened or your plans just worked out as you had anticipated, it all boils down to having that sense of satisfaction at the end of the year, knowing you got what you wanted.

As for new year resolutions like, "I will stop smoking" or "I will stop dating assholes." You don't need to wait till 31st of December or 1st of January every year. 

You wake up one day and know that you deserve better or that you need to start thinking about healthy choices or that you need to make different choices to have better results, With this, I guess I am team #justwakeupanddoit no new year resolutions, just have a plan and work towards it.

I'm wearing: Pink Sheer Shift Dress from Cresita Clothings and Ombre Braid-Wig from EunaBen Hair

See you in December 2019!

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