5 Things That Have Become Important To Me

Every year we grow, I believe. However, the extent or level of growth and transformation is determined by our experiences. Experiences help us form opinions and make decisions that is why it is important how we react to the things happening in our lives and around us.

I would have started with strengthening my relationship with God and stuff like that, but that has always been key to my existence, so, it is "non-negotiably" my number one goal and priority for life. So for today, I want to share new things that have become very important to me.

1. Self Love. I am dedicating the next few years to living myself and doing things I love, which includes living my dreams and helping people. I'm also getting rid of negative energies and thoughts and their roots, #nodramazone. I'm still figuring the whole process out and taking baby steps, but I know God is with me, and I am definitely a success!

2. Re-evaluating my relationship goals and strategies. This is too broad to discuss all the details here so I will create another post about it. But in a nutshell, it just means, prioritizing those little things that speak volume when searching for true love, listening to my spirit and making sure it is not a one-sided deal.

3. Being A Great Mum

4. Financial Independence. #KylieJennar #tokemakinwa #lindaikeji #khloekardeshian "I'm a baby mama, I need cheese" according to Cardi B.

5. Fitness & wellness. This has been a major struggle since childbirth. I don't really feel fat, but my postpartum baby-bump won't let me be great. More so, giving birth through CS made it more difficult to get that tummy to suck in ASAP. Meanwhile, joining weight loss groups haven't done anything for me, so I really need a solution, starting from a gym buddy... but in the end, I've got to stay motivated to get work done.

I know every year we set goals in the name of 'new year resolutions' that seem never to be realised, but I'm hopeful guys, seriously... pray for me. I need all these aspects of my life to be perfect.

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What are the most important things in your life right now? 

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