Dear Newbie Blogger: Don't Make These 5 Mistakes If You Want To Start Off Successful

Hi dear, welcome to my blog. If you are reading this, you are probably planning to start a blog or you are a newbie blogger, or you are just here to learn more or just get entertained, but whatever, your reasons, thanks for stopping by.

Today, I'll be sharing some basic mistakes I think a lot of bloggers make at the beginning that probably make blogging quite difficult the first few years. I mean, I am sharing these based on my experience, in fact, some of these mistakes are still affecting me, but I am getting better no doubt. However. I can't wait till things are perfect before I will let the cat out of the bag because I know that a lot of people are getting more and more interested in blogging or content creation on daily basis.

So let's get on with it...

1. Not doing proper research. 

By research, I don't mean typing "what is blogging?" on Google and then heading straight to Wordpress or Blogger or Squarespace to start a blog. I mean if possible buy books, take online courses from experts, join blogger forums, watch YouTube videos, learn, learn, learn. Left for me I'd recommend adding blogging as a course in the university... like seriously (I wonder when that will happen): it is not as it was way back when it was not a "thing". I can't even summarize everything you need to learn about blogging in one post. The point, make sure you know what you are getting into before you jump in.

2. Not learning SEO.

SEO is Search Engine Optimization. This is the knowledge you require to work on the visibility of your content in search engines. It is basic tips and tricks and tech knowledge you need to employ in content creation and even your website to make your content reach a wider audience. If you get this right and you also create great content, you can be guaranteed engagements on your website when you finally set it up. 

However, if you are not ready to learn all the tech-stuff involved, you can employ the services of an expert to do it for you... especially if you are just starting out.

3. Not getting your tools ready.

When I started blogging, I thought all I needed was my laptop, data and a phone. My God! I know there are lots of junk "How to start a blog" posts online, but don't buy everything you read on the net. Some bloggers I must say aren't very realistic with there tips... most times, people don't tell you the truth about "THE REAL THING they are doing to be successful. So many people will say, create quality content without telling you what exactly you need to do or buy to enable you do this.

Fear not, I am here to demystify all that.

You need a laptop, definitely... 

Depending on the type of blog, if it is one that requires photography, please get a DSLR camera. I would have said, "oh don't worry, just start with your phone." but I will be deceiving you. THAT SHIT HAS NOT WORKED FOR ME! Invest in a good camera! If you want badass images, make great videos, etc. don't do that with your phone. For instagram, if you just want to snapchat or create videos for your stories or regular video to post on your timeline, fine... but for proper content creation on your blog and YouTube channel, get a good camera.

Then, you need data! I don't know how data works in other countries, but I think they are ripping us off in Nigeria. I spend at least 6000 on data monthly. But if you can afford it, go for unlimited subscriptions which usually costs between 15-20k depending on the network.

You also need some photography apps like VSCO, Snapseed, Lightroom, photoshop, etc. I will recommend paid versions if you can afford it.

Fashion/beauty bloggers and YouTubers need a tripod to take pictures, especially if you can't afford a professional photographer. But if you have a blogger buddy, you guys can plan your shoots together, and help each other out.

4. Not getting your niche figured out.

Please I must say this, to avoid appearing confused and also confusing your audience, which will end up scaring them away, figure out your niche. I know it is hard, especially when you are interested in a lot of things, but left for me, I feel it is unrealistic to say, "I am just a beauty blogger." If that's the case, we don't want to hear about your trip to Jamaica or your wedding dress... so at the end of the day, you see people blending, 'fashion and beauty' like The Style Cheapskate or 'Fashion and Food' like Woven Blends or fashion and travel like Simply Cyn or just fashion like Figtny.
Realistically, it it gets a little boring just talking about one thing... life is much more than a blouse in your wardrobe or the new shade of lipstick you are wearing. But figure it out. 

On this blog, I share content on minimal fashion, beauty (makeup, skin care, hair), and sometimes lifestyle, (personal life experiences and personal development). 

I also know some people have a wealth of knowledge in areas like skincare, and so there blogs are solely based on skincare, so in the end, do what works for you so long as you can create 50 posts on the topic without having a blackout.

5. Not getting your photography skills right.

Depending on the kind of blog you are running, if it is a food, fashion or travel blog... any blog that involves taking pictures, you need to up your photography and photo editing skills right. 

Poor quality photo can mess your blog up big time. Trust me, you do not want to be known as the blogger with terrible pictures. Do you know why? Forget all the written text, most times, your readers are coming to see your clothes, or your home decor update or the new hairstyle or current beauty product, etc. How would you feel if you are on a site and the pictures are blurry and you can't even read the texts on the products, etc.

I will recommend starting with Instagram or any of your favourite social media platforms, edit and post quality pictures and see how much attention they get. Also try getting some help from anyone you know who is into photography and learn as much as possible.

Okay that's it! That's all I've got now. 

I don't know if I left anything out, but if I did, I will update it, better still feel free to leave me a comment below.

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Have you made any of these blogging mistakes? How did you solve it?

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