7 Things You Need To Start A Successful Fashion & Lifestyle Blog In 2019

When I say a "successful blog" I mean everything you need to start right. To appear professional from the start. To show that you are here and ready for business from the start. To start attracting engagements fast enough... that's what I mean.
So if you are all about, start small, start from where are, start with what you have, etc. you may end up being discouraged and disappointed, but then again, truth hurts...

If you don't have your tools ready, I'll recommend, continue doing your research and learning from other content creators you admire. Gradually gather your resources. You can even start writing your posts, but don't publish yet... take your time and plan before you hit launch!

1. Creativity:
I had to put this one first because it is undeniably the most important factor. If you have every other thing and you are not creative, you will still be struggling. However, there so many ways to unlock your creativity, start with checking what other bloggers or content creators are doing. You need creativity with photo shoots, building your theme, branding, writing, blog design, etc.

2. Tools:
You need a laptop, phone/ipad, camera, tripod, etc. check out my post on the mistakes to avoid if you want to start off successfully from the beginning.

I don't know how people claim they are blogging with their phones, I am sure it must be very challenging, but if you really can save up some money to buy even a second-hand laptop, that should be ok for a start. The reality is, when you don't have the right tools, you will always be forced to compare yourself with other bloggers, but you need to ask yourself, are you doing what they are doing?

3. Social media accounts:
This is so important because like some people will call it, social media is a "virtual world", it is like the second world. It is a part of our lives that have come to stay and is not going anywhere anytime soon. You can't run a business that depends on online engagement without owning social media accounts. Both your audience and even brands need a place aside your blog or youtube channel to connect with you... more so, social media platforms are quick avenues to create daily content and keep your audience glued to your content, so even if they don't visit your blog often, they are constantly seeing you and will always reluctantly click the link in your bio.

In fact, I think the fastest way to build engagement is to start with social media, create a buzz, get there attention, then you launch!

4. IOS and Android Apps
These apps are life savers if you don't have professional training for almost every skill need as a content creator. From planners, to photo editing to even captions, apps help you a lot in your journey, so start purchasing... a lot of them come free, but, paid versions are always recommended to get full package.

5.Data (internet)
Uuuuuhhhmmmmm! Your life on internet changed the moment you chose to become a content creator. Gone are the days of subscribing to 2k data for updating on facebook and stalking celebrities... Boy! If you can afford it, you need monthly unlimited data subscription... more than 12 hours of your day will be online, these are things you need to put in perspective.

6.Lots of money (Capital)
You need lots and lots of money! read the topic of this post VERY WELL. If you want to start a successful fashion blog... you need money to be able to do all these. You need to understand this, except you are blogging as a hobby where you don't really care if your pictures are great and whether brands are noticing you or not, you need money.

Blogging is a business. IT NEEDS CAPITAL. Yes you can start at home or have a home office, especially if it is a personal blog where you just write about your outfits and personal stuff. You may start at home, but you will buy a domain name, hosting subscription, buy apps, buy gadgets,etc.
There is also a lot pressure on fashion and beauty bloggers who have to keep buying clothes, accessories, makeup, skin care, etc.

Don't be fooled into thinking that once you share two or three outfit posts, then brands will come running... You have to invest your money first. Most brands will only work with you when you have patronised them a number of times, did some reviews and tagged them, then they will notice you. SO if you are living on a budget, you may become frustrated if you are not financial ready to handle the costs of blogging... so ensure you are ready to spend.

On the other side, frugal or budget-friendly content creators may be able to deal with the monetary aspect of blogging, but they still have to spend money on the tech aspects... just know that you may not get the desired result or be taken seriously if you do lots of stuff using free versions. For instance using me.blogspot.com.

7. Passion
This is what will keep the fire burning when you are feeling low or overwhelmed with the pressure that comes with blogging. It is also what will make you sell because it will make you glow and just be this happy person doing what s/he loves and that's all you need sometimes, just being happy with yourself.

On a final note, I do not mean to scare you, but to share the things I wish I knew before starting a  blog. Maybe, I wouldn't be blogging today or better, I could have planned and would probably have been at a better stage in my blogging career... if I could use that term. But you see, it is never too late. So, just in case you are like me and wondering, "Oh, but I have started already and I didn't get all these right."2019" is the year you need to make those changes and set your blog on course for a higher level.

If you are serious about blogging or you are blogging already and you don't have your tools or don't have the technical know-how, buy a book or a course, upgrade your tools and start taking baby steps towards pro-blogging.

PS: I didn't talk about monetization because that comes after building a successful blog. So focus on that. Create great posts! Build your engagements on social media. Create a buzz about your launch, Keep your audience thirsty and ready... Just plan and execute, then money comes later.


Thanks for reading and if you found this post helpful, do share or leave me a comment below.

See you on top!


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