2019 Summer Skin Care Essentials

Hi guys! Summer is here again and I am certain so many of us that are skin-care conscious will start updating our skin care routine. We know how summer (harmattan) can be in Nigeria, right?

N/B: If you've never been to Nigeria before, we have a season called "Harmattan". It  is more like a mixture of summer and winter. It gets very cold at night and the wee hours of the morning, then gets quite hot during the day. However, the funny thing is, the sun is usually hot, but there is this coldness in the atmosphere, so it feels more like your are under the sun, but with the AC on. You get the feeling?
Finally, it is also very dry. Leaves fall off trees, clothes dry within few minutes of putting them out to. Then if you let your dishes stay,without soaking them in water, hmmm, you are going to probably scrape some parts off trying to wash them, etc.

So we use the terms; dry season and harmattan interchangeably.

I am very particular about skincare for this season, because, it is really embarrassing going out and finding out your skin is chapped and white from excess dryness. So, how do you stay hydrated and give your skin the best treat during this season?

1. Drink Lots of water.

You know what they say, water is life. Literally. From fitness to detox, water is an essential. The truth is, you can't even help it this season because, your throat will dry out and you have to drink lots of water. Water will keep you hydrated from inside out.

2. Get a moisturizing lotion.

If you've been following me, you know, I have been using shea-butter for the past 3 years for my skin. I really can't say if I have gotten darker, though I don't think I have. But I really feel people who claim shea butter made them darker probably didn't use it the right way. But that is a topic for another day.

So this season, I have gotten this lotion, very affordable. i got it for N1500... not expensive at all. I didn't want to go over board with expensive lotions because I just need something that will add moisture to my skin. I also didn't want to choose so regular moisturizers that will literally make my feet turn black with a few days of applying them. So I went for one that has "skin lightening" as part of it's function.

3. Get your oil-based body cream/butter.

For me, I'm sticking with shea-butter. But if you believe shea butter doesn't work for you, them try coconut oil, almond oil or olive oil.
I really hate using Vaseline... it just make dust follow you around. *huughh*

4. Don't forget your essential oils.

Essential oils are very necessary, especially if you have oily/acne prone skin. I can't give you a list of oils on this post, but I'll tell you what I use. I use, lavender, tea tree, almond, sandalwood, carrot, orange and lemon essential oils. I infuse these oils at different proportions into ALL my skin scare products.

5. African Black Soap.

I haven't bought a single ready-made (store bought) soap in 2 years. My first year with ABS was just blaaaaaaaaaa. I almost gave up, but then I realised it was better than my Fair & White soap, which currently cost N2000 - 2500, depending on the shop you are buying from, and I don;'t have to spend that much... duh! Dudu osun almost burnt my Virgina and my face was always super dry... well don't know what I know now then. maybe Dudu osun will work for me now. 

So I am still using my Custom made African Black soap, which I infused with avocado and cucumber and many other varieties of ingredients. But these two, avocado and cucumber is basically for their healing, nourishing and hydrating effects on the skin. So my soap isn't as dry as it would have been,.

6. Face Toner

I am currently using this Witch Hazel and Tea Tree face toner I got last year. i abandoned it when I was having skin-care crises... seriously, my face is so  much better now compared to 2017. I also added some essential oils to it to enhance the results I want to get.

7. You still need your masks and scrub.

I use bentonite clay and a seaweed face mask interchangeably, both at least once a week. the activities going on in your skin are still there, dry season or not, so you still need to keep taking good care of your face and masks have a huge role to play because you know what they say, "nothing works on your skin until you scrub it.' Scrubs and masks helps to open up your pores to enable your skin absorb all the goodness you want apply on it.

8. Sunscreen is a must-have!

 I am not using any sunscreen yet and I can't say if i will get one. However, if you know you work under the sun or you will spend a lot of time under the sun on a particular day, please get a sunscreen. In fact, research has proven that using shea butter or coconut oil will darken you if you stay under the sun a lot. So to be on the safe side, what ever you, get a sunscreen lotion. 
I will probably take  my own advice.


In conclusion, if you want that great skin, you have to work on it. I always tell my readers that a great skin is always better that a face full of makeup. Makeup is cool, but it shouldn't be a hideout for your skin blemishes, why don't you invest in a great skin care collection instead.

I hope you liked this post and hopefully learnt something...

How do you take care of your skin during dry season, summer or harmattan?

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