2018 Favourites: Movies, People, Content Creators, Couples, etc.

This year for me was quite long, not literally, but psychologically because I wanted it to end so fast so that I can leave some hurtful experiences behind, but the truth is that, it is not about the year ending, because hurt is not physical, it is emotional, the healing and letting go has to be in the heart and mind.

Though it wasn't the most amazing year, there wear things, people and experiences that made it exciting, such that, in the midst of the 'seeming' chaos, they made life fun, interesting, worthwhile and easy.

But before I start mentioning external people and things, I want to appreciate my siblings for being there for me. I don't know how I would have done without you guys. And to friends, who called, listened to my rants, texted or reached out to me in one way or the other, you guys are awesome! God bless you.

Now, I can get on with my 2018 favourites...

Content Creators/Influencers
This year I got to know many content creators (in addition to old ones) that inspired me and showed me that I can be more. There are really a lot of them, but I will try to narrow it down to these ten amazing young ladies!
Figtny is my Fashion ICON!
Sarah reminds me of what simplicity and minimalism are all about... and it doesn't have to be boring.
Temi is just genius with her hair... I can't get enough!
Jennifer a.k.a Theladyvodka is like a subconscious me that yarns to take fashion crazily to a whole new level.
Maraji makes me laugh in the middle of the night when I should be sleeping.
Alma keeps me in Awe! I wish I can make up and wear it like she does... kudos!
Kelechi... hmmmm... this beauty's video skills is just off the charts and she makes slaying look easy and effortless! You rock girl!
Kachi is just all kinds of amazing! Her resilience and determination to be excellent and successful are just #goals. I can see her growth process on her blog and IG... very encouraging.
Carmen I love, though I am confused about her being a minimalist or not, I still love her sense of style and I also learn a lot from her blog.
Khloe Dosh is just another young lady I love to watch. her funny beauty videos and also inspirational captions are mostly what I love about her.

I am fortunate to have a family that enjoys movies as much as I do, so our family nights "Wednesdays and Fridays and sometimes, Sundays are spent watching lots of movies amidst so many other interesting activities. I have a Bro-in-law that is a pro at getting movies so after the release of Infinity War, & Black Panther, he got the complete series of Avengers.

I am more blown away by the creativity and effort put into creating Avengers. Linking all these movies I have, in the past watched in bits (Captain America, The Ant Man, Thor, Dr, Strange, etc), I must say that the team behind that movie series has the spirit of excellence!

Ater that follow the complete series of Star Trek, Equalizer 2, Mission impossible: Fall Out, Miracles From Heaven and then came The Hate U Give.

I watched lots of movies this year, but these have been my best.

So one thing about me is, if the music is not gospel, then it has to be motivational, uplifting and something that the lyrics add value to my life! So if you listen to the lyrics of these songs, you will understand why I like them... I most especially hate songs that sexualize women generally, so you will catch me skipping or never see me buying any music that all about shaking your butts, whine that thing your mama gave you, etc... call me rigid and uptight, but that's just who I am. duh!
So here are my favourite songs (and corresponding artists for 2018).

Aside from blogs and my bible, this is the only book I read this year, in fact, I am still reading it. Hopefully, I will read more books next year because there is really a lot I need to learn, personal development and for business too. No More Sheets in summary is a book about deliverance from sexual sin and fulfilling God's purpose in your life.

I have really summarized why these couples are my favourites for 2018, and probably in the next few years, I guess. if you've been keeping up with this blog, you will know that I am single again after barely 2 years of marriage. As much as I have tried so hard so far to be strong, it has been a tough year for me; trying to adjust to the new situations that this experience has been presenting... it hasn't been easy. at all. However, looking at these couples, some were married several times before finding true love, some waited long, some focused on their career until love came, etc... so many stories behind their current happy marriage... it gives me hope and strength and reminds me that God sees my pain and knows everything I have been through and will give me my own man in due time.

Skin Care
If you check my post on Summer skin care. you will see some of the products I listed below. Though I still customise my raw African black soap, which I can't update on this post it is definitely one of them.
So my favourite skin care products for 2018 are; African black soapCaro Tonewitch Hazel & Tea Tree tonerShea Butter

I have been going for organic skincare since 2017 hence, the ABS and Shea Butter. I have used other more expensive products that cost about ₦3000 that didn't work before I found Carotone. I use Carotone for my knees and elbows, it is cheap and it is working so far: and then I use TeaTree & Witchhazel Toner (basically the only two ready-made skin care products I used this year) on my face, neck and shoulders.

On a final note, these are the people and things that made my year, literally by bringing in several feelings and  experiences: motivation, gratitude, fun, entertainment, knowledge acquisition, creativity, etc. 

I hope your year was quite exciting.

Let me know how your year was or just leave me your thoughts on my favourites...


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