What 32 Taught Me

Every year, a lot of things happen in our lives and what stands out are the lessons learnt through all these experiences. A lot happened to me this year (from my birthday last year), starting with moving to a new city, switching from managing and running my own home to moving-in with my sister, switching from employer to employee, got a new job, started my business, learning to adjust to this new lifestyle much different from the one I've had the past 3 years, etc.

2018 is obviously going to remain a remarkable year as it marks the year that I learnt lessons that launched me into the next and higher phase of my life. So here they are:

1. Never settle for less (than you deserve) again. Be it marriage, job, friendship, even business, never settle for less. If you find yourself in a place where you feel like you deserve more, it is never too late to adjust and make necessary changes. Don't settle for uncomfortable situations, except you have no control over it... but most times we do.

2. You are enough. Fat or slim, black or white, etc. You are perfect the way you are. Don't let anyone tell you anything less gratifying than that. More so, you shouldn't wait until you have worn yourself out before you believe you have given enough. #theacrimonysituation.

3. Love yourself enough to be able to love again. Yes. When you are hurt, it is easy to forget whom you are, how beautiful you are. You may even spend so much time seeking revenge and apportioning blames that you forget you need healing. You need to re-build your self-esteem. Learn to love and appreciate yourself again, before you are able to do so for another person.

4. Don't let your fears hold you back. Do things you've never done before. Have that bombshell photo-shoot, take a trip, start that business, shop! shop! shop! Do the things that make you happy. Most importantly take baby steps towards achieving your goals.

5. Stay strong to win. No time for pity-party darling! Wipe your tears. Dust yourself up and keep running, because you know what? No one is going to do it for you. And For me, I have a little girl to take care of, I don't even have an option to be weak... so, staying strong it is.

This one is very important because, naturally, people will want to tear you down, directly or indirectly. Some may even blame you for whatever you are going through, but at the end of the day, how you chose to take what comes is what will determine your strength.

6. Forgiveness is golden. This is the HARDEST PART, but, I've got to, even for my own sake. It is just ironical how this is key to our happiness and even progress in life.

7. Make new friends. It is just amazing that for a public face, I am so terrible at making new friends. I really need to expand my network. Seriously, most times, you are hardly the person you were 5 years ago. I'm certain that after 5 years, one would have moved on from some people aside BFFs, so it's OK to get to know new people, male and female... just improve your social life and expand your network.

8. Make more money to help me be a great mom is top on my priority list. I don't even have any other choice on that!

9. You didn't lose people who mistreated and walked away from you, they lost you. The saying that people don't know what they have until they loose it is so cliche, but it is sad that every single day, this shit still happens. You can't stop being good. even more, now is the time to shine much more than ever. So keep living and keep being happy.

10. Letting my heart heal is key to a happier life and relationship in the future.

11. Have fun! I can say this enough. A few days back, I hung out with a few friends at Sofa Lounge and I danced my heart out and drank good wine. Seriously, I have  not had that much fun in 4-6 years. I have been all work and no play... and you guys know that life without fun can make one rusty.

Damn! Have some fun girl... mom or not!
12. Ensure you maintain that stable relationship with God. I wouldn't say I haven't had a relationship with God this past few years, but I must confess that it definitely wasn't like life before marriage. I am currently working on it, and by God's grace. I will get to that place where I feel contented with my relationship with my maker.

My list ends here. I grown so much, and I am still growing. I pray that few years from now, I will look back at this post and have no regrets. I pray that then, life would be much more better than what it is now and I'm living my best life un-apologetically.

I'm wearing: Black chiffon blouse, Monochrome plaid high-waist maxi skirt by Cresita Clothings and short heel pumps by Atmosphere


What lessons have you learnt this year? Share in the comments to help someone else...

Till next time...



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