I Almost Quit Blogging This Year + How I Stayed Motivated

I think every content creator, entrepreneurs, even people who are holding down a full-time 9-5 job pass through this stage at some point. This year was quite filled with moments of despair and frustration that I had thoughts of quitting several times.

One of the major factors that made me think of quitting was my relationship status. I was so unhappy. it felt like a chore faking 'being happy' and like everything was good here and on social media generally. it was difficult because as a blogger, my life is also part of my story, but this particular story was something I was not sure I should share with my audience.

Those were terribly depressing days and I barely held on.

The second factor was all the deaths and terrible things happening in my country... the state of the nation is so depressing and as though nothing works. The fact that people are barely hanging on and are able to put a smile up despite all the problems was becoming quite depressing.

I always thought how can I be writing and talking about clothes when people are being massacred in the north? I just couldn't wrap my head around it...

Finally, funds! funds! funds! 

Running a fashion blog is quite demanding... that's what most bloggers may not share with you. in fact, in a sense, it is quite difficult and almost impossible to be a successful blogger if you don't have ENOUGH money buy clothes. 

Like you have to budget money for clothing, makeup, shoes, bags, etc...

Even when people want to collaborate with you, most times, especially in Nigeria, they don't want to pay you, and they won't even give the products free. So they want you to create FREE content with their product or service THAT YOU PAID for.

And considering I'm a single mom, with barely enough income to take care of my dependents and myself, I don't have enough money to spend on clothes and makeup every single month! In fact, unlike me, I have barely bought any new makeup product this year... I'm not ashamed of it. I am working on improving my finance. it is not a permanent situation... I am work-in-progress.

So to stay motivated and not give up on my blog that I have worked so hard on, here is what I did.

1. I got rid of the things that burdened me starting with letting people know I am single now. Getting that off my chest has been such a relief and made it easier for me to express myself without confusing my readers and being more authentic. I found joy in telling my story... SHAMELESSLY.

As an influencer, though you don't owe no one anything, however, sometimes sharing... may be not all, but a part of your story inspires others. It shows them that you are real. It shows that you have real problems just like other people do. Gone are the days of making life on social media look so perfect that some people wonder if something is wrong with their stars or destiny.

2. I realized that my anger and depression cannot change a thing, so what do I do? Get my PVC and keep praying for Nigeria. I really believe God will answer my prayer, that the new leadership cum 2019 will bring about growth and economic development for my country again.

3. I finally mustered the courage to set up a side business, currently called EunaBen Hair. It is more of an online store for now with pages on IG and Facebook. It is still growing and I believe it can only get better. SO PLEASE CHECK IT OUT.

4. I started looking for and exploring other income source opportunities. SO I'm hopeful something big will will happen.

5. I joined motivational groups mostly on Facebook, where I meet like-minded people and have decent and work-related discussions without insults and demeaning comments.

6. I did 'social media detox'. I started with finding and n\following pages with keywords like; positive thoughts, entrepreneurship, daily inspiration, etc. I also followed a few pastors whose messages resonate with my spirit as well as influencers that really inspire me.

Then I also unfollowed a lot of people; celebrities, news pages, even influencers (who don't inspire me) and people whose lifestyle look very fake. Y'all know there are such people on social media, right? So I basically unfollowed anyone that aroused any negative feeling in me.

7. I learnt once again what it means to start with what you have and from where you are. If I may speak specifically regarding partnerships and collaborations, sometimes we focus so much on hitting collabs with' BIG BRANDS" when there are other small and new brands who are just trying to get noticed. Thanks to the few who agreed to work with me... it may seem so little to some, but it means so much to me.

8. I prayed more, for strength and the zeal to keep going, and God came through... literally.

9. I stayed appreciative for my baby, and my sisters have been my rock... very supportive and encouraging me to keep pushing... and grateful to God for even making it easier... a lot of people come out of relationships totally beaten down, some come out with physical damages and even psychological breakdown... worse, death. But God made mine easy and smooth., and still planted me among loved ones to help me heal and regain happiness and self-confidence.

So that's basically it. Don't get it twisted, NO ONE'S LIFE IS PERFECT! If Kim Kardeshian can be held at gun point, and Cardi B. will throw shoes at Nicki Minaj, it goes to show that everything is not about money or your social status.

For every stage in life, there will be challenges. Asking God for the grace and strength to pull through them is what is most important... and we always come out strong.

I'm wearing: Pant Suit by Cresita Clothings

Have you ever thought of quitting your blog, job, relationship or anything at all? Was it hard? did you succeed? 

It your girl Winnie.



  1. Good one, Winnie! Your Point 7 is my story! Keep going strong!

    1. Thanks bro. I'm certain with your kind of zeal you'll definitely reach your goals.


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