Why You Should Consider Living Shamelessly + 'Single' Life Rant

So I have been considering this lifestyle lately. You know, I just find it hard to pretend, whether in good or bad situation. It is just ironic, being that I am supposed to be an actor by profession right?

I first came to reality with the term when I stumbled upon Shameless Maya on YouTube. She talked so much about living your reality shamelessly in spite of the name-calling and gossip that may come with it. Another character that has inspired me is Amy from Pitch perfect who calls herself "fat Amy" so you don't have to call her fat already.

There are some aspects of our lives which I totally agree should be private, which of course depends on individuals and what they wish to keep private. 

Sometime in 2018, you probably know already, my marriage came to an end. For a while, I thought about keeping this shit to myself and deal with it on my own... you know... no one needs to know... I can do this... bla bla bla and other things I kept telling myself.

However, this whole brouhaha was killing my inside, you know? It was so difficult to come on IG and smile like all is well. I know what you're thinking... I know.

You know the whole "Smile because it kills your enemies to see you smile." kind of saying...
but you know I told my sister, and I said, "I'm not going to pretend like this stuff doesn't hurt." I don't care if people talk shit about me and even blame me, but I'll rather get this whole thing off my chest than carry it like a burden... it is so unhealthy.

This is one of the major causes of depression, drug abuse and even suicide.

So here I am, a SINGLE MOM! Whew! This journey has been tough (though I know it will change soonest by God's grace), but I love my little girl so much and she has been a major source of joy in my life. I mean, just watching her grow, say her first words, laugh, play, form her personality, etc. is such a joy to behold daily. She has given me a reason to stay strong and work harder. 
The only thing that gets to me every once in a while is being unable to do certain things for her, especially when it has to do with money. I'm not going to pretend, my 9-5 job is not capable of taking care of both of us, plus her babysitter...
...yes I have one, I have a corporate job, I can't take her to work or carry her everywhere I'm going without a car. Hence, babysitter.

Why You Should Consider Living Shamelessly

1. You have nothing to hide. People who like to talk behind your back, have little or nothing to talk about... that you don't know or haven't shared already.

2. Chances of depression are really low (for me) when I talk about my challenges. So I just love to talk than think. think. think. or just bottle the whole thing up.

3. You may get real help. From a shrink, you know an expert who can help you walk through it and all, prayers and whatsoever God has in store for you. Remember "A problem shared is a problem half solved."

4. It reduces the length of time you have to deal with the anger, frustration and bitterness that comes with whatever challenge you are going through.

5. You have the opportunity to know who your real friends are. Yes! Yes! Yes! It is easy to be surrounded with friends when life is all sorts of good, but when you know those who are there FOR you and those who are there 'WITH' you are the difficult times. You can see clearly and be able to separate the wheat from the chaff.

6. One of the best kind of freedom is freedom from depressing thoughts, angry thoughts, etc. and you need to experience it to move to a higher level of happiness.

7. Finally. you know the saying that one has reached a very high level of freedom when you no longer care what people think/say about you.

More on Shameless Maya

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What part of your life are you shameless about?

It's your girl Winnie...



  1. I relate with you on all the levels..Your a super woman.Love you.wish I had your kind of courage and bravery,but am working on it..You motivate me..Cheers

    1. It means so much to me to read this... to learn that I am inspiring someone. Thank you so much for leaving this comment.


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