Oh My God! There's Such A Thing As 'Color Minimalism'

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So I bumped into this post on Offbeat Home & Life about, "Why Is Minimalism So Damn bright?" and it was really interesting reading the comments in the comments section.

So apparently someone asked this question and she turned it into a post, I'm guessing, with the hope that the person can learn a thing or two from the comments section, and she was so right... even I learned too.

It is obvious that the normal 'white-black-nude' based minimal lifestyle is unfathomable for many as they love minimalism but can't imagine wearing or using only the colours mentioned above for the rest of their lives.


In the post, How To Be A Colorful Expressive Authentic Minimalist, Mia Danielle buttressed on how minimalism is not just about following a random trend, but that "An authentic minimalist is someone who uses the principles of minimalism in a way that’s true to themselves. Not striving for an outward whitewashed appearance (unless that’s who you are) or following a fad image."

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Hence, if you love bold colors so much, you don't have to get rid of them, but "...the best way to be an amazingly expressive minimalist is to declutter your belongings AROUND your authentic style." according to Mia Danielle.

So in conclusion, minimalism is all about decluttering your wardrobe, home and lifestyle generally. It means understanding that you don't need too much material possessions to be happy. You can channel your money to other productive things like planning a vacation with family, investing in businesses while being happy owning and acquiring ONLY what is relevant.

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Nevertheless, I still believe the purpose of minimalism is defeated if your home and wardrobe choices are overloaded with colours and stuff that aren't necessary.

To me, if your home or wardrobe begins to feature more than 3 bold colors, then you are stepping away from minimalism.


As a color minimalist, you can chose to reduce your wardrobe and lifestyle choices around the colors you love most. 

For instance, I don't know if I'm wrong, but  I noticed that Carmen Hamilton from The Chronicles of Her wears red a lot... among her  majorly basic white and black wardrobe, she always owns a red clutch or shoe or skirt... even lipstick shade.

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As for me, I'll probably give it a try. I mean, never say never right? I'm yet to figure out what other colour I love aside white and black, but I'll definitely own a few coloured items sometime.


Do you believe in colour minimalism? Is it something you'll ever try?

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