My Second Shameless Journey Through 'Singlehood'

I'm sure this will come as a shock to many... though, I don't know what is more shocking, the fact that I am now unmarried after just 2 years of marriage or that I am crazy enough to post it on my blog... whichever one it is, welcome to my shameless life!

Can you spot the details?

How does it feel?...
It feels so strange and awkward. 
But you know, Now more than ever, it is going to be very horrifying to start dealing with "ass hole' men AGAIN. 
Yes, there are those, and unfortunately, MOST OF THE TIME. 
But, I know there are good men out there. 

Anyway... Part of what I hope to accomplish with this post is:

Firstly, go public with this new status
We always post our weddings and stuff, so, when the marriage doesn't work, we need to get it out there also. 
Note: I'm not doing this out of a need to please anyone, I'm doing it for myself; for my own sake... you know, for Me, Myself and I.

I intend to re-marry and have a happier life, so I don't need "the love of my life" thinking I am STILL married.

Secondly, like I mentioned in another post, to live 'shamelessly'

Seriously, this is my own self-therapy. I don't want to pretend like I am what I am not and I also don't want any assumptions. 
People will ask, why is it that your hubby is never in your photos? 
Before, the answer was, "He doesn't like pictures." 
Now, "There is NO husband in the picture."

Thirdly, as a content creator, my life makes a bulk of my story. 
There are lots of things that I do and will do in the future that will raise questions about my status; from brand jobs, joining blogger networks, even a harmless photo shoot like this one. 

So, I'm also doing this for business. I'm just putting it out there so I don't have to keep answering the same questions over and over again.

I know many folks would expect that I'd narrate and give details of what happened and what didn't happen, why it happened, how it happened and how it should have happened, bla bla bla. 

And then I will get questions like, "Didn't you see it coming?" "Didn't you see the signs?" 
or statements like, "I told you so", duuuuuuhhhh... 

Heartless ones will be like, "Good for You." "Your judgement is finally here", duuuuuuhhhh... 

Judgmental and typical African mindset ones will be like, "You mean you couldn't bear it for the sake of your innocent child." or "It's a man's world, you could have been more tolerant."

...and completely delusional ones will be like "Didn't your mother raise you well?"


I am not ready for all that shit right now. 
When I am, I will shamelessly also let the cat out the bag. 
And I will have answers for whatever category of question or statement that'll come with it. 
However, right now, I just want to focus all my energy on living positively, loving myself, loving my daughter and living my best life.

Anyways, do you like our dresses?

Of course! It was made by the one and only PacisVichisAtelier... It is a bespoke piece. I told her I wanted to do a shoot for my birth month and she was one of the brands that agreed to work with me. I really do love this piece, especially the bustline, but I really love what she came up with for my little girl. I told her I wanted a princess dress for my baby, and boy! did she come through?

I hope you liked my story if possible are inspired by it, to ensure that you are happy where you are and enjoying... not enduring your life.


Dresses: PacisVichiAtelier
Mama's shoe: Kalvin Clein (Similar here or here)
Baby's shoe: StartRite
Afro Wigs: EunaBenHair

Are you a single mom? How have you coped and be successful at it?
I'd like to get some tips from you.

Till next time...

It's Winnie


  1. Oh wow! This was a surprising read indeed. Also I noticed your recent posts don't have a comment section. I don't know if that's intentionally done or if it's a glitch. I was surprised to see a comment box on this one. I have so many questions but you're so brave for putting this out there. I pray you have the physical and mental strength and resources to carry on and cater for yourself and your daughter, as well as some peace of mind and contentment amidst the chaos. The journey won't be easy but may God give you strength

  2. I can't believe I'm just seeing this. Amen and thanks for your prayers. In truth, it has not been easy, but God has been faithful to lighten the burden. Thanks for stopping by.

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    1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I'm glad you enjoy my articles. I hope you keep visiting. Thanks again.

  4. Yeah....I just stumbled on ur blog today(the tube cream discussion) have a really great content


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