Knock-abouts: Featuring Handmade by Engee (Made in Nigeria)

'Knock-abouts' according to my elder sister Nk, are basically easy-to-wear flat foot wears you use, possibly on daily basis. People wear flats for different reasons, for me, it is not just a back-up for when my heels begin to hurt, it is majorly because I am more comfortable in flats.

I truly hate to imagine it, talk more of actually falling on heels. 

More so, to avoid carrying more load (in my bag), I'd rather just go for a flat footwear I can wear all day.

I got this flip-flops from Handmade by Engee. This is a new Nigerian Brand, actually launched this year. I am a friend of the brand, so what other way to support a friend than to buy and make referrals right?

What I like about this particular design is the color and then it is quite comfortable. You know some of these flip-flops have a way of pulling off your feet, but when I wear it, it just fits. Another feature I love is the fact that it is quite strong... really. I remember back then when... I think till now, there's a stigma on any item that is tagged, "Aba-made". Though I'm certain even the Aba producers are stepping up their game because 'Naija Brand' has become a thing for us as a Nation and even globally.

The shoe is quite strong and really flat, they've not started adding any heels. So if you love really flat flip-flops, slippers or sandals, they've got you covered.

I haven't won mine much, so I can't say much about the durability, but based on review from a few people who had bought their products, it really lasts for a while. I think it all depends on how often you wear it and how you manage it... just like your other foot wears,

Nevertheless, it looks like I'm going to be buying more from the brand because I really love this one and they have other amazing designs like these ones here, herehere and more here

I'm wearing: Dress by PacisVichiAtelier, Hair by Eunaben Hair and Handmade by Engee Flip-flop. 

Till next time...



  1. Thank you ma!
    We truly appreciate this review

    1. You are welcome. I'm definitely getting another one.

  2. You are going places dear....Nice one.

    1. Amen! Thanks... I really can't wait for this prophesy to come to pass. #goals


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