Hi and welcome once again to my minimalist chatter. You know, how they say experience is the best teacher; it is so, so true. I mean, looking at my life now and a few months back, when the minimal wardrobe thing was still abstract to me, I can say, that I changed a lot… in the way I reason, my spending choices, etc.
However, I’m not necessarily writing this post as an expert, I’m just sharing from my experience and general observations from living in the past 21 months and counting.

So let’s get on with it, shall we?


1.    You rarely go on a shopping spree. This doesn’t mean you don’t like shopping, it only means you are very calculative of what you spend your money on. You don’t or you rarely splurge on items. You only shop because you are certain it is necessary.
2.     You prioritize a lot. This is close to number one above, but to be emphatic, it means always drawing up a scale of preference in your head or in written form of what exactly you really need, from what is most important to the least. This habit in other wards results in the fact that the only items you own are things you need.
3.    You dislike keeping Junk. This is what happens when you prioritize. You don’t like keeping junk, so you throw out, donate/give out or sell any old stuff or things you believe you don’t need anymore. You’d rather replace them in the future, than stack up your wardrobe (or house generally) with old clothes and items you no longer need.
4.    You always know what you want when you shop and would seldom indulge in impulsive purchase of any item. You are not one of those people, who walk into a shop to buy one dress, but they end up trying the whole dresses in the shop before leaving, and yet they don’t buy anything. You are a focused shopper. You go in, pick what you need and off you go! Whether it is about colour, style, size, etc. you don’t have time to waste trying a ton of clothes…

There are two sides to this type of shopper though. The one who is confused, not because you don’t know what you want/need, but because you hardly find exactly what suits your taste or style in shops. These are the people who usually just end up setting up a capsule (uniform) wardrobe. Other times, the more ambitious ones, probably just end up opening a clothing line that suits their taste.

5.    You always wear the same style of clothing. This is somewhat rare and a very unique trait. Some people actually do wear the same style of clothes, or clothes made with the same material, or clothes that are inspired by mood, for instance, some people don’t like body-cons, you will always find them in comfy maxi clothes, be it short or long, skirt or pants, etc.

6.     You have lots of clothes but repeatedly wear a few. This is just a typical minimalist at heart, who doesn’t know it yet. Now I wish I knew this was my problem 3, 5, 7 years ago. You know you own a wardrobe full of clothes that you wear once in two years or once in a year. Like seriously… I’m not Kim Kardashian, so why will I be shopping items I would only wear once?

Let’s get real… If I buy you, I’m definitely going to get my monies worth, which means, I’m going to wear the hell out of you… till I’m done, then I replace you.

So to be realistic… the earlier regular folks adjust to being regular folks, the better. While nursing the ambition to be great (popular, celebrities…), live like a regular person. It will make life so easy and less complicated. I tell you. The point I am trying to make is, stop trying to live like a celebrity when you are not, it is just for your own dignity and sanity.
7.    People can predict your style/colour choice at any time. This is a tricky one or maybe I don’t really know the exact words that best describe what I mean. However, if you have one a style or colour so much that people know you by that… like, “just buy him the red one, she’ll definitely love it.” Or “She’s definitely going to wear a body-con dress to the wedding.” Then you have ‘probably’ been caught in the minimalist style web.

In conclusion, minimalism takes a conscious effort towards being happy and content with less. You may not know it, but it easier if you realise it and decide to take that leap of fate towards minimal living... the fact that you are naturally a minimalist makes it easy and effortless.

 I'm wearing: PacisVichi Monochrome Flare dress, Atmosphere Shoes, Zara bag and EunaBen Braided Wig


Can you relate with any of these signs? Share thoughts in the comments section...

Till next time...


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