Are Nigerian Brands Over-thinking "Luxury" Branding? Featuring Layered Jumpsuit

When I decide to pick on subjects like this, I hope and wish that I am speaking the mind of many out there, really. So who else feels like Nigerian brands are really over-thinking the whole "luxury brand" concept? 
Please tell me it's not just me...

Firstly, I remember when 'Made in Nigeria' and the 'Buy Nigeria to grow the Naira' started trending, I was more than happy that my people were beginning to look inwards to create ready-made products and services that Nigerians will proudly purchase and wear, but lo and behold! here I am 2-3 years down the line with so much despair at the rate at which most Nigerian brands have made their products difficult to reach.

Yes! So damn difficult!

I am not in no way saying you shouldn't make money from your product, but seriously, what is the point of making your brand so 'high-end' that only 50 people can purchase it, when you can actually reach 200 people?
Why is it so important to be tagged "No 1 luxury makeup brand"?

Makeup Brands
Hello! Have you seen the cost of Nigerian makeup products? Foundations costing from N6 - 15k a tiny-winy bottle, mascara costing N3-5k, matte lippie costing N3-5k... oh! Need I mention eyeshadow palettes worth N12-15k a palette for 9 colours.

I am tempted to call names, but I won't. I don't mean to bash any brands...

Though I wish they will re-consider their pricing for the average Nigerian customers.

Fashion Brands
So in the spirit of "Buy Nigeria to grow the Naira" I truly want to patronize Nigerian designers, God knows I do, but then you hit them up to find out a simple shift dress is 20k, a blouse is 15k etc.
How about shoe brands? Have you seen the cost of some of our made in Nigeria shoes?
a simple flat slippers... not sandal... slippers... 15-20k

And here I am thinking about what chunk of my salary am I supposed to use to shop for these products?

Skin/Hair Care Brands
Skincare brands are not so bad. For me, I don't know what is more annoying the rise in the acceptance and production of bleaching cream (all in the name of organic skincare) or the cost. But I will even invest in a great skin/hair care than the stuff I have to get rid of on daily basis.

Reality Check!
Subtract celebrities, politicians and the few entrepreneurs who are really making 6-figure income or profit monthly (10-15%) and you have the average Nigerian man or woman if they are married or have kids, worse: who are barely making enough money to survive.
Guess what?
These people cover at least 40% of the population, they will think about rent, school fees, and other bills before buying your "luxury" product. The other 30-40%  are probably living below average and some really very poor.
I know it is a table I am shaking here, and some folks might say, " How will brands partner with you if you criticize them?
But I am not just a blogger for myself. I am here to help others improve their lives in one way or the other. And part of what I do is to open their minds to possibilities that they never thought of or motivate them to do things differently for better results.

I remember when Jackie Aina started shaking tables in the makeup Industry saying "I don't see colour", focusing on brands not representing blacks in their line, many called her racist and hated her for being blunt. But today, there's hardly any makeup brand that will launch a product without inviting her... more notable the recent launch of a 35-shade foundation line with Too Faced.

In conclusion, I think Nigerian brands should stop over-pricing their goods. the result is people going back to the foreign substitutes that are even more affordable (these days), better still, people will prefer to go back to thrift clothes than depend on clothes they need to borrow or save money to purchase.

The content of this post is completely my opinion, which is in no way influenced by the brand featured on this post.

As the saying goes, "Fashion is what you buy, Style is how you wear it." So today, I'm showing you how I styled this puff-sleeved jumpsuit designed and made by PacisVichi. You guys should check her out. In this era of everyone tagging their brand as 'luxury', it is always cost-effective and OKAY to look to start-up brands who will still give you the sleek look you are looking for at an affordable rate. 

Contact her on her IG profile for pricing and details on how to get this look.

I decided to style it with a shirt, just to add some spice to it. We all know how an outfit can be boring if you wear it the same way every time. if you also like to draw attention to yourself, then this also works, because that is one of the results I got the day I wore this.

Layering is one of the best ways to pimp-up an outfit. For this one, considering it already has a dramatic puff-sleeves, it wasn't my first thought to layer it with a white shirt... look how it turned out. Cute right?

In collaboration with PacisVichiatelier

Wearing: PacisVichi Jumpsuit, Atmosphere pumps, H&M shirt, Eunaben Braid-wig


What are your views on the cost of Nigerian products compared to the income of the masses? 

Let's discuss in the comments...

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