How Sara Crampton Is Inspiring My Current Minimal Makeup Routine

So for some weeks now, I've been on this minimal makeup routine, and it's not just because I suddenly don't like all the colors associated with gorgeous 'glammed'-up makeup... what with all the makeup pages and hashtags I follow on Instagram, it is so easy for one to unconsciously be obsessive towards makeup application.

So far, on my minimal journey, I have often wondered if I will finally give-up bold colors as regards makeup... on a serious not, I still wonder if I can and if I will, However, Sara Crampton has really been a major source of inspiration,,, also Micheala... but today, I'd like to focus on Sara. To me, her beauty looks are true definitions of minimalism. I mean isn't minimalism all about reducing your acquisitions just to basics?

Each time I see Sara's images on Instagram, all I think of is, "She doesn't even have much makeup on, yet she looks so gorgeous."

I think not everyone might be able to apply minimalism when it comes to makeup... maybe out of a true passion for glam and glow, the process-before and after or just sheer obsession (this definitely needs work). 

So I'm not here to judge, rather, I am still on a minimal style journey and I want to share every knowledge or experience with you... just in case you wish to join or explore or even improve on what you have or are doing.

Sara's makeup makes me ask myself questions like, "Do you really need all that makeup?' "How many bottles of foundation will ever be enough?" "If you sold all your makeup, how much will you  make and what essential are you going to purchase with your earnings?

So here I am questioning every makeup item I WANT to splurge on... did you notice that? Want + Splurge = YOU DON'T NEED IT!

Finally, I'm giving myself till the end of the year to figure out, if minimal makeup is what I want to do or not.

Do you love makeup as much as I do? What do you think about Minimal Makeup? Is it something you'll ever try?

Till next time...

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