How Minimalism Complements My Faith

As a regular shopper, it is easy to desire and acquire everything you see, so long as you can afford it. There is an unconscious desire to acquire and acquire more and more, even when we don't need them.
The worst kind of people are the ones who feel the need to compete with other people, trying to out-do them.
Fashion and style should be personal. Once you start putting yourself in a position to be compared with other people, you put yourself under undue pressure.
As a christian, minimalism has and is still helping me control myself. It helps me curb materialism and materialistic tendencies. I look at everything from the point of the scripture that says, "vanity upon vanity..."
How much more do we want to own and acquire to feel satisfied?
As a christian minimalist, I have become even more conscious of the need to be content, even as the bible admonishes me to. I am happy with what I have and own. I am learning new ways to multi-task my possessions to meet several needs.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that I don't desire new things or wish to make my life better, what I'm trying to say is that I have learnt to be happy and content while I work towards acquiring the things I NEED that I don't have.
Minimalism breeds room for inner peace, with yourself and your world. Having a wardrobe and life free of junk can bring a very high level of orderliness and control. You can control your thoughts, actions and desire regarding material things. It makes room for space and clear aesthetics. It is rare to find yourself in a place where you are confused about a choice of what to buy or not, what to own or not, what to get rid of or not.
There is peace.

In summary, minimalism helps me;
1. curb materialism and materialistic tendencies.
2. control myself.
3. create room for contentment.
4. channel saved resources towards more productive and relevant items or causes.

I'm wearing: Blouse by PacisVichiAtelier, Skirt by St. Micheal (similar) and Sandal by Shoe Republic L.A (similar)


Are you a minimalist? If yes, how has it helped you?

Till  next time...

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