All You Need For A Minimal Makeup Routine + 5 Benefits

Following up on my post about minimal makeup, I decided to share makeup product essentials for creating minimal makeup looks. I think the most obvious item not needed is eye shadow. So basically, you can follow the regular makeup application routine without using an eye shadow, which gives you the minimal look.

Aside nude eye shadow palettes, other bold colors on the eyes, are what gives the extra edge over every minimal look you create. One can also spice up minimal makeup look with a bold lip color like, red, purple, etc.

Setting Spray

Minimal Makeup Benefits.

I can't say this enough already, like, if you have read several minimal posts on this blog, you notice I usually emphasize on basics and reducing excesses. The past few years I have been quite into makeup, because for a long time, my makeup was horrible, you don't want to see what my makeup looked like 5 or 6 years ago.

Anyway, in 2015, I went for a 2-month training to brush up my skills, mostly for personal use and if per-adventure, someone is ready for a paid service or even just to do a favor for a friend. From improving my skills, I started watching lots of videos on YouTube, and before you know it, unconsciously, there was this need to always by makeup, whether I need them or not, lipsticks and eye shadow were my weakness, I would buy, give out and buy another one... but thanks to minimalism, I now know that I don't have to buy every new brand/product that launches.

What point am I trying to make?

1. Minimal makeup drastically reduces the quantity of makeup you purchase.
2. You can channel the funds you use in acquiring lots of products to buying other wardrobe basics or even save it for a trip or just any other lifestyle essential.
3. It cubs impulsive buying of products, hence 2 above.
4. It makes getting ready EASY. Aside having a natural glowing skin, that you can step out in without makeup, Minimal makeup is your go-to 10-15 minute everyday makeup application. Though it might take longer if you want to go in with the contour and highlighting stages.
5. Then also, fro those of us that like to keep our natural look, even with makeup on, this is the perfect routine for you. Seriously, not everyone like those before and after pictures that look like two different people.

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What other makeup essential would you add to my list? Let's discuss in the comments section

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