The Lafiya Lifestyle Expo Experience

Saturday the 28th of June 2018 was a beautiful day. I saw the poster on another blogger's timeline, so I got the event info and paid for my ticket immediately. At this stage of my blogging career, I always like to take advantage of events and opportunities that add value to my life as well as create platforms for networking.

had to change into these when I noticed it was quite difficult to walk on heels in a grassy area. thanks to @mindofamaka

There were several classes which I can't keep up with, but I will mention the one I attended. 

Staying Financially Healthy by @adetolaov
This topic buttressed on saving, making investments and multiplication of your income.
@thatthroneguy shot by @minofamaka
Photography As Therapy: How Photography Is Beneficial To Out Mental Health by @thatthroneguy
He talked about what he called the 
C- composition
D- depth
E- exposure
F- focus
of photography. I learnt the importance of each of these concepts and how one can implement them in daily photography, especially for bloggers.

Diet & Health: Beyond the basics by Onyinye of @vibesbyonyinye
Awed by her calm and ambience, she talked about the most important aspect of dieting that we don't hear every day, hence, 'beyond the basics'. For those of us who are health-conscious, we learn a lot of stuff like eat this, don't eat that; this diet is better than that other diet, but she didn't even go there.

She basically pointed out the most important part of diet and wellness is CHANGING YOUR MINDSET. She emphasized that your journey to wellness begins with thinking of food as medicine. So everything you decide to put in your mouth, you need to ask yourself, "Of what benefit is this to my body.'

Career Woman On the Go by @allthingsadohr
She talked about the importance of taking time out to love yourself and do things that make you happy irrespective of your busy schedule. Women generally get carried away with the responsibility of taking care of everyone else but themselves; from hubby/boyfriend, kids, help, inlaws, staff, etc. We were reminded once again that 'health is wealth' and we need to take care of our mind, body and soul while running our successful businesses or holding up our respective jobs.

It was basically a women-empowerment event. One unique thing I noticed was that during one of our activities tagged 'Speed Networking', all the people I spoke to had something else going on for them aside a 9-5 job. Everyone had a side hustle. it has become quite obvious that in this era, one must have at least two sources of income to stay afloat. I was really impressed by this, as it made me realize I am not over-ambitious wanting more out of life.

However, the highlight of the event was listening to the Key-note speaker Mrs, El-Rufai talks on the topic 'How To Find Happiness and Balance When Life Gives You Lemons.' It was fascinating to see how a woman who has lost two children, compelled into accepting a polygamous marriage and yet come out strong. She went back to school, wrote a book and is still happily married. The point of her speech hinged on accepting things you cannot change or have control over, look out for the positive aspects of every situation you have found yourself in and keep moving forward.

Never let mistakes or seeming 'failures' keep you from progressing.

On a final note, I must say that I truly appreciate the scenery of the event centre. I think when you have lived in the city long enough, you get to appreciate nature when you see it. The event centre which has a name that sound 'botanical' Sarius Palmetum Botanical Gardens is located along IBB Boulevard, Maitama.

It is a serene environment, very suitable for writers and also photo shoots.  I was definitely awed by the environment, I'm definitely visiting there again, maybe for a personal activity.

Here are some photos...

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So this is the second event I'm attending this year, and I hope to attend some more. personal development and networking is key aspect to life and business. As much as I am more of an indoor person, I really appreciate the steps I'm taking, one event at a time, to put myself out there. I hope it also helps me achieve the much-needed growth I need as a blogger and entrepreneur.

Your turn...

What events have been helpful to your personal growth and business? Share to enlighten someone.

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