The Chinese Brand My Minimal Wardrobe Is Yearning For

Shop Lovely Kindness Chinese Print Crew Neck T-shirt - Gray

Shop Lovely Kindness Chinese Print Crew Neck T-shirt - Yellow

Shop Flying Cranes Print Silk Qipao Cheongsam Style Dress

Qipao-cheongsam pretty-black-and-white-silk-qipao-cheongsam-dress-white

Shop Sweet Modern Short Sleeve Qipao Cheongsam Dress - Green

Lovely Kindness Chinese Print Crew Neck T-shirt - Yellow

Shop Excellent Embroidery Lace Qipao Cheongsam Dress - Claret

Shop Modern lace Sleeveless Short White Dress
I've always fantasised about shopping while I travel and and one of my favourite destinations I hope to shop at is China. I've always wondered what it will be like having a vacation or even a business trip there sometime. I seriously am a big dreamer!

9fuga is a Chinese fashion brand. I love their unique pieces that range from fabulous collection of chinese Apparel; Chinese dresses, Cheongsam, Qipao, Chinese shirts, Chinese jackets, etc. Y'all know how I like simple and chic, and that's what this brand represents.

Most importantly is the fact that they are currently on SALE, which means you can shop some of these pieces for half the original prices.

What would/will you shop most if you visited China?

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