One braid-wig: Five Styles + Xpression & Darling Braiding Hair Review

Centre Part

Side Part


Frontal Donut

Frontal Flat-twist

The first one is always my favourite. I didn't really like pulling it all the way forward because it kept falling over my face and blocking my view, so I decided to pull it a little bit backwards, and it looked so natural. So I wore it that way most times. 

I will like to remind you that this is my first tryout, making a braid-wig. I didn't use a closure, but I used a frontal lace to get the natural scalp look for the front, but I AM DEFINITELY USING A CLOSURE next time. 

Products used:
Xpression jumbo 3 packs
Darling braids 1 pack

Wig tools:
baseball cap
skin tone net
crochet latch-hook
silver braid clips
hot water
regular hair cream

Hair Review:
I started out with 3 packs of the Xpression Braids hair which is sold for N1000 a pack, then I had to buy an extra pack of Darling SuperStar Jumbo Braids (same color) to finish the hair. The stockist said Xpression hair is better, but I think the major difference is that Darling is longer, while Xprression is fuller. They both make good box-braids or Senegalese twists. I have also used Darling hair to make crochet braids here and here.

I am currently taking orders on braided wigs, crochet and weave wigs. You can find some of my wigs on my shop or business page. Feel free to follow my page on Instagram and order for yours, just by sliding into my DM or through whats-app.

Now your turn. I have three questions for you...

Which of these looks is your Favorited? Do you own a braid-wig? How do you style it?

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