How To Run A Minimal Wardrobe On A Budget

I always like to share my posts with a bit of my personality in between the lines. By this, I mean telling my own story and how that post relates to me or tell my experience about the topic. That way, you see that I'm not just writing based on assumptions or an abstract point of view.

I don't want to say I'm broke. I can't say I'm broke. In fact, I am not broke!

Though it feels that way sometimes... duh!

The truth is, when you are a mom, your priorities definitely will shift. I know most moms can relate. 
You may have a budget to shop for yourself, but you end up coming home with items for your kids. It is only possible to afford to shop constantly for yourself (without neglecting your kids' needs) when your income is amazing... you know... #sixfigureboss kinda situation...  and I'd be sincere, I'm not there yet... but I'm working towards it.

Students and even people with no kids can also find themselves in a situation where they are living on a budget. So, I'm not saying it is just a 'mom thing.'

How To Run A Minimal Wardrobe On A Budget

1. Shop Sales: This is one of the major ways, especially for ladies who never or have sworn-off buying thrift-ed clothes. So wait for your favourite brands or boutiques go on sale so you can still get your favourite pieces for half the price, if not less. Yeepeeee!!!

Downside: You probably will have to wait a while, and maybe by the time it goes on sale, it may no longer be trending. But who cares about trends anyway?

2. Shop From Thrift-shops: Thrifts shops are shops that sell fairly used or second-hand items. In Nigeria, we call them 'OK' or 'Okirika'. If you are lucky sometimes, you'll get some really good stuff. Sometimes also, depending on where and who you buy from, you may even find pieces that have never been worn.

Downside: Always watch out for permanent stains, tears, and any form of irreparable damage. Many people have ended up buying stuff they never used because they didn't look thoroughly.

3. Buy Timeless Pieces Not Trendy: This is the key aspect of minimal style. That is the difference between you and the regular fashionista who's composition it is to be abreast with trends. Just focus on purchasing only basics that can be worn through all the seasons. Welcome to my (minimal) world. *winks*

Downside: None! Nada! Nehi! Nil! Well... except you really care about trends, then you may need to keep shopping every single trending fashion piece. However, this will be terribly unhealthy for someone on a budget.

4. Plan Your Shopping: I think this one comes naturally if you are on a budget, but I have to put it out there because some people have a habit of never planning and they end up buying what they don't need or they run into debts. Make a list. Yes! You heard... or read right. One blue jeans, 2 blouses, etc. I know sometimes we see something we didn't plan for, and we end up buying it. Such items are usually very cheap that you can squeeze out a little cash to purchase it. Having a plan helps you a lot in that, you can't have a budget of 10,000 and end up buying items beyond that... that is unhealthy for your finance.

Downside: None!

5. Take Care of Your Clothes: From the way you clean; machine or hand-wash; type of detergent, ironing, air-drying, etc. All these details are important. Once, my house-keeper mixed a white shirt with coloured items, we both know what happened to that shirt.

Upside: Your clothes last longer and also maintain their initial look.

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You don't have to be a minimalist to apply these tips to running your wardrobe. The goal is to ensure you are not spending more than you have on clothes and accessories. 

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I would like to know if you have more tips. If you have also applied any of these tips and it worked for you, kindly share to enlighten others.

Till next time.


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