The Truth About Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blogging That You May Not Know

Being a blogger has become a thing among millennials, with most people quitting their jobs to start a blog or fresh grads not wanting to get a job and just face blogging full time. Either way, blogging has become a seemingly easy quick-choice career choice for many youths.

A lot of successful bloggers have made blogging look very glamours (which is great), but what they don't show or tell their readers and followers are the HARSH behind-the-scene realities of a blogger's life. Just like no job is easy, so is blogging. How easy or tough it is to run your blog really depends on your niche... yeah. For instance, if you want to run a food blog, you can work with tools in your kitchen that you don't necessarily have to spend extra cash on. However, you can't say the same thing for a fashion or beauty blogger.

The experience of fashion, beauty & lifestyle bloggers  can be summerized in the saying that "You use money to get money." You have to star out spending loads of your own cash shopping and reviewing products for free. When I read stories and interviews of successful FBL bloggers, one common thing you notice is that they started out with shooting photos of their every day outfits,,, fast forward to today, there is a lot of competition in this niche with every blogger working so hard to be noticed by both brands and readers. It has gone way beyond choosing a random top in your wardrobe and talking about it on your blog... FBL blogging as gone way beyond that. 

Blogging has become so formal that you need a media kit, a PR agent, a really captivating blog design (which costs money) and most importantly ENOUGH MONEY TO AFFORD luxury fashion and beauty brands' products and services. I must say, if you don't have money to spend on fashion and beauty products or to afford to move from one hotel or vacation to the other, don't bother trying to start an FBL blog. You must ask yourself, "Am I too broke to be a fashion blogger?" You may not give-up, but I'll recommend you wait until you are prepared.
Check out most successful bloggers you know, track there progress, you will notice that they didn't initially start with brand endorsements and paid partnerships. What you also don't see might be that they bought most of the initial products they started with... it's just like capital, you invest in your outfits and other products you post about until brands begin to notice you and get you to work with them.

there is no magic to it. 

Except you are blessed to have a relative who has a clothing line, and s/he chooses to use you as a brand ambassador from the start, but aside from that, you are putting in a lot of money from the start.

Another example of investment is buying domain and hosting. first of all, starting on a free platform is good to test if this passion is sustainable, however, to appear professional, you need to progress beyond using a free domain to buying one, purchasing premium versions of everything you need; from social media scheduling apps, photo editing apps, etc.

Speaking of photo editing app, have I mentioned that DSLR camera are quite expensive? Especially with the current inflation in Nigeria, things that were 200k are now 400, how does a blogger who is just starting (with no other source of income) afford that?

A few days back, a friend told me she wanted to start blogging, few persons have contacted me via one social media platform or the other to ask how quick they can start making money if they start blogging, and I keep telling them the same thing. If you start blogging because you want to make money, you may not succeed. This is because, you will be frustrated at the initial slow growth process and then other blog tech issues that your not ready for will start coming up, etc. You'll probably be so frustrated, that you'll eventually quit. However, if you can afford all the technical and branding expenses plus enough cash to spend on clothing and accessories, then you can grow faster than bloggers like me. Even then, there's no guarantee that the money will start pouring in immediately you publish your blog.

So don't get it twisted, I told my friend, bloggers hustle real hard. They spend a lot of money investing on their blogs. before a blogger begins to receive free products from brands, they initially spend a lot of money on the blog and on themselves. Which brings me back to IF YOU DON'T HAVE LOTS OF MONEY TO SPARE for luxury products and services, you should consider doing things differently. I'll talk more about this in subsequent posts.

So, not that I am a sadist or something, but sometimes, you need to tell yourself the truth. face the reality of the situation and make up your mind to enable you make significant progress.

In lots of blogger interviews I've read (success stories), you hardly read about the reality of the struggle to grow as a blogger. Things are different now compared to people that started blogging 8-10 years ago when there was little or no competition.

Things are different now compared to people that started blogging 8-10 years ago when there was little or no competition.

There you have it beloved FBL blogger, What's it gonna be?

If you've been in the game long enough, you know the struggle.


Do you you think this post states the true realities of FBL blogging? What other observations or experiences have you had?

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