4 Things I Wish I Knew In My Under-Graduate Years


I dedicate this post to my nephews, nieces, friends and relatives less than 30 years with the hope that it will act as a reference at some point in their lives.

Life is filled with so much irony, that when it plays out, leaves you with two kinds of feeling, either regrets or happiness and sometimes an indifferent feeling. Now, this depends on your choices and decisions at later times.

When I was an undergraduate I dedicated so much time towards my lectures and rehearsals (Theater and Film Studies). I had little or no time for a social life or life outside my school work. I was at every rehearsal and production. We were always busy planning one production or the other; aside school, my remaining time was spent Wednesdays and Sundays in fellowship... I was just the perfect student to the best of my knowledge. 

Not that I regret this pattern of living, but then, this post is about sharing things I wish I knew and would change if I could turn back the hands of time.

1. Have a plan and a focus. As easy as this may seem, it is the most difficult and often the most oblivious. I tell you there are many undergraduates that don't have a plan for their lives. In fact, this is what sets the pace for the other lessons on this post. When you have a plan, then you will know how to execute it. A plan sets you on course. It helps you organize your life to ensure everything, your decisions and action are in-line with your plan. I know we can't control everything, but do you realize having a plan even controls your desires and prayer points, in that you know exactly what to pray for. Planning always keeps you focused and gives you an edge over your peers. Planning even opens your mind to the opportunities before you. There is no room for confusion!

2. Don't Take School Too Seriously. Trust me, all that focus on school work paid off because I left school with Second Class Honours (Upper Division). I'm not saying you shouldn't do what you went to school to do, which is to study. I mean, devout some time to skill acquisition, if you can, start a business in school. Follow your dreams and your passion.

3. Waiting for graduation before you get a job or start a business is a waste of time. This one is more like a follow up on number two above. In my candid opinion, if you are not studying a course like medicine, which demands your utmost attention and most times there is job security... you know, Medical doctors always have a job... anyway, if you are not studying a course like that, please, use your spare times wisely. Your holidays should be dedicated to earning some money or adding value to your life in the form of skill acquisition and training. Starting at this level is starting early. I'm sure people who achieved their dreams at 50, if you ask them, will truly wish they achieved those dreams earlier than that.

4. Having the Perfect Relationship Shouldn't Be A Priority. I know this is a very serious table that I'm trying to shake now, but the truth is, it is a fact. I know some people got lucky marring their high-school or college sweetheart, but judging from my own circle and that of few other people that are quite close to me, 90% of college relationships seldom lead to marriage. Now I understand why some girls had a principle of NEVER DATING A STUDENT. Nevertheless, be it a student or not, relationships are not your priority... I can't say that enough.

I find it ridiculous when I hear about people that killed themselves because a boyfriend or a girlfriend cheated on them. (*smh*) Please, if it is possible, just focus on you. Don't make friends that make you feel like not having a boyfriend means you are not beautiful or that something is wrong with you.

Most times, young girls and boys aren't ready for the drama that relationships come with at that stage. They are not equipped with dealing with a heartbreak, loosing their virginity, moving in with a boyfriend/girlfriend, discussing it with your parents, etc. I know I sound odd, but trust me, there's this thing that happens (to me), when you are 20 and want something so much, but when you are 25, you realize you were to young to want that stuff... ever happened to you?

With the kind of country and educational system we have, I think youths should develop more entrepreneurial spirit. If a relationship isn't driving you towards SELF DEVELOPMENT in all ramifications darling, cut that shit off!

So there they are, Four things I wish I knew in my undergraduate years. Not that I have regrets or anything, but like they say, better late than never, right? At least I know better now if, for nothing, I can help my younger ones as well as make better choices, knowing that my tomorrow is a product of the choices I make today. Nevertheless, if I could turn the hands of time, I will definitely do things differently.

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I would like to know if there are somethings you would have done differently in your 20s or undergraduate years or everything just went on perfectly. 

Till next time...


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