The Shoe Trend That Has Taken Over Every Stylish Girl's Street Style

Recently, I've been feeling like at some point in my life I lost touch with my essence... you know, what makes me, me. What makes me unique.

Growing up, I always came across as a tomboyish, but yet girlie-girl. I used to love combat short and pants and wear lots of flats and converse. No wonder I still struggle to wear heels, even for a few Hours. I have ended up given away almost every high-heeled shoe that I own, and it is not because I didn't like them anymore, I just can't keep up with them.

After the snickers on almost-everything-trend came the combat boot. I started seeing this shoe trend first on celebrities, then fashion bloggers and a few regular people, and I must say, I am loving it. I LOVE FLATS and any fashion trend that promotes it is surely my thing.

I love comfortable outfits, in this case, shoes. I like wearing something I don't need to pack spare slippers for... you know. Almost every lady packs a spare pair of slippers for back-up when the aching comes. The combat boot is definitely a style trend that resonates with me. I haven't got one yet, but it is definitely on my wish-list!



  1. I always loved the look of combat boots, but then my family will roast me and ask if I've joined the police or army or something. They just don't understand! Lmao

    1. Hahahahahhahahahahahaha. They truly don't understand. Most times people dodn't understand why we like what we like.


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