Abuja Bloggers' Meet and Greet At Famous Potatoes: What I Wore, Who I met, What I learnt

For a long time, I've felt like I was alone in the blogosphere. Aside from people I follow online, I have no blogger friend... you know, a real buddy. I also felt the need to have one person to speak the same language with, share ideas, take each others' photos, etc. I must say, I was on the verge of quitting early this year, but I kept encouraging myself and learning why I had prompted to quit. Then I read from a blog that one of the reasons bloggers quit and some full-proof solutions. One thing that resonated with me was the need to network with other bloggers.
Then I saw the poster of the Bloggers' Meet and greet With Bambam and I jumped at it. I must say it was one of my best blogging experiences.

I was waiting for the promised photos from the photoshoot (that was meant to be sent to all attendees), but it looks like, I'll be waiting a while. Anyway, I was still impressed with this event. being my first one.

I wore my favorite body-con midi gown which I already styled here on simple loafers. I knew I will be walking around a lot because I was out to get acquainted with as many bloggers as possible so I wanted to be as comfortable as possible. Princess Audu gave me some of the best shots! (Can someone gift me a camera already?) I love how the shots came out. We had some fun shooting each other...


I must confess, I was quite nervous. I am so not good at making new friends... I would literally live in a place for 4 years and not have a single friend, so I was not sure how to behave at such an event. Meet and greets are usually networking events, so you can't afford to just sit all by yourself and not mingle... you never know where the next collaboration is coming from... or even an amazing friendship.

However, I actually outdid myself. I was all over the place, introducing myself, taking pictures, chatting up other bloggers, and in my conclusion, the HUSTLE IS REAL for every blogger, and YOU ARE NOT ALONE at all.

I met lots of amazing bloggers like; PrincessauduJasmine Wryts, Zichat Duniya, Olotufunke, Vanessa Ohaha, ZiniObienu, Browniegram, Mides_thoughts, Mindofamaka, Deka, Shugasdiary, Yh_itschioma, Omotolanieee, Herstylestory, Ejike Manny, Alexis, Ranibelle_, debwriteblog, Gillofall, etc, Please check them out, we bloggers need lots of encouragement from our readers. 


Then came the moment for the guest speakers to speak, the first of them was one of my favorite fashion and beauty blogger/YouTuber and former schoolmates, Alma of The Style Cheapskate. I learned so much and she really spoke the mind of several bloggers. Seriously, sometimes, I find it hard to believe that she is such a down-to-earth jolly young lady. The other two speakers whom I discovered that afternoon are Kuyet Bamai and Sola Fagbemi. They also shared some helpful tips and growing your influence, branding, etc.
So, to the lessons of the day,  here are the main tips and secrets of blogging from these three amazing bloggers;

Alma Ojugbana Ngur
1. Be sure that blogging is a passion. Don't go into blogging because you want to be rich. A blog to share what you love.

2. Do something different. Spread your tentacles. Don't be stuck in your niche. For instance. Though you are a fashion blogger, a little travel post or food post every now and then is not so bad.
3. make sure your photographs are dope. If you are not so skilled like me, there are many apps that can help with that.
4. Instagram is your best friend if you want to be noticed.
5. Be creative and be deliberate with your posts and captions
6. Ensure to tag brands you use.
7. Don't buy followers. brands will always know when you do.
8. Share your posts everywhere, e.g.: even on WhatsApp
9. engage with your readers and followers.
10. Be open to free filtered collaborations for a start. You may not necessarily be paid cash.
11. Host giveaways. (you can collaborate with other bloggers)

Kuyet Bamai
He emphasized on how to use the little you have to build a brand for yourself.\
1. Start from where you are. Start with what you have.
2. Don't forget why you started, which is blogging.
3. Stay true to yourself. Don't copy others or try to be someone else. (me) There is a difference between copying and learning from others.

Sola Fagbemi
She came to us with the idea of the 3 Cs, CREATE. COLLABORATE. CONSISTENCY.

1. Create Content that your audience likes. Try and understand them because you are a blogger because of them. Your blog is not just about you.
2. Create content that solves problems.
3. have a good headline.
4. have a call-to-action like; give a thumbs up, press like etc. (me) this encourages engagement.
5. practice these two things during collaborations;
    a. Set ground rules.
    b. Be nice and friendly
6. If you are consistent and you are not getting good views, you need to ask yourself what you are doing wrong. Consistency usually results in good views.
7. Don't post if you don't have great content. (me) Be it on your blog, channel, Instagram or any other platform you use.

These were the points I got from the event. I promise I was quite attentive... I'm not sure if I missed any point. But these are basically it.

I really look forward to attending more of these kinds of events and more... blogger-collaborations, etc. I can't believe how excited I still feel writing these words even now. 

If you are a blogger or an aspiring one, I hope you can learn a few things from the speakers above.


Are you a blogger? 

What was your first networking event like?

Thanks for stopping by. Till next time...



  1. I enjoyed this post! Glad you could come out for this event. The link for the photos was actually out a while back but I think it was deactivated.

    1. yeah. thanks for sharing what you know. I look forward to other beautiful blogger events. As for the photos, they said they will send us a mail, but I didn't get it... but no problem. I'm good. You keep being amazing!

  2. Replies
    1. If only I understand what you mean... but thanks for stopping by.

  3. Ah yes, good points all the speakers raised! I enjoyed the event too as it was my first time out as a blogger to meet other bloggers, definitely got more events I want to attend this year!


    1. No wonder... you were acting so shy, though you seem quite popular. I have since improved on some stuff about blogging I learnt on that day.

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