Why I Don't Obsess Over Expensive Beauty Products


I have been wanting to write about this for some time, but I've always been concerned about how people will view it. However, I needed to remind myself that people will always talk about you nonetheless, so, "What the heck?" Go ahead and speak your mind.

Don't get me wrong. I love makeup, makeup artists and jobs that involve makeovers. So I am a huge sucker for beauty generally. However, I am also one who questions the costs of anything... you know, do you ever ask yourself, "At what cost am I getting this item or experience?" before you decide whether to save or splurge. From durability to the level of satisfaction to quality, etc. I question all these.

So, just to break it down. 

I will be using the Nigerian currency as a reference (I understand it better)... Let's say I just ran out of Mac Studio Fix foundation (costs between ₦14000 - ₦21000 depending on where I am buying from) and I have a need of a shoe or bag that costs approximately the same amount. I will definitely buy the shoe because it is more durable and will serve more purpose than the Mac foundation. Also, I have less expensive substitutes of foundations that serve the same purpose as Mac and still give the same results... and I get to clean it off every day. That's like wiping out money from my face every day.

So this brings me back to why I don't obsess over luxury beauty brands.

I noticed beauty in the past 10 years have become more and more a very obsessive and mostly covetous aspect of 80% of women's lives. I know that models have existed in the past and magazines like Vogue have used them to build their brand long before YouTube and blogging became a thing. With the social media trend, there has been a huge rise in self-proclaimed models, 'influencers', etc,  people are so keen to watch short beauty video clips so why waste money and time on magazines... All these much attention to social media mentions, 'influencer marketing' has really skyrocketed the obsessive desire to acquire the newest trending makeup/beauty products in the market.

$6 - $18 Foundation Options from Your Favourite Brands

Now beauty here is not limited to makeup, but also to skin care.

Seriously, it is sometimes so hard to keep up with. I have to constantly and consciously remind myself that I don't need some products and that I always have a substitute. Like, what were people applying long before Kylie launched her lip-kit or even before KimK launched her contour kit? Trust me, I love these two people and their entrepreneurial drive, but the truth is that, you can't blame them either... this same obsession with luxury brands have given so many makeup brands an opportunity to build an empire from these unconscious obsessions of the regular individual. 

Before it was fashion, every celebrity was owning a fashion brand, then it moved to perfume, now it is makeup... (shaking my head)

No offence to YouTubers, but I personally think sometimes, we unconsciously communicate to viewers that if you are not using this new product or that other one, you are archaic or something... I know Brands, on the other hand, should sit up (in terms of marketing), nevertheless, I still believe that brands like WetnWildBlack RadianceMary Kay, etc. are still very good, but because very few bloggers/YouTubers or none at all is propagating how amazing their products are, they are gradually going extinct. I tell you, watch it, in few years time, some brands will just disappear from the market. Poof!
Under $10 Beauty/Skin Care Products From Your Favourite brands

Now, what is the point of all these?

You... me... we need to stop obsessing over this so-called LUXURY makeup and skin care brands. You need to stop living beyond your means. You need to stop spending 50% of your income on beauty products. You need to prioritize better. you also need to remind yourself that just because it is owned by a celebrity or your favourite YouTuber said it is the best thing since microwave does not mean it is so.

Honestly, I follow more makeup lovers and hashtags than any other category of people on social media and I see the need to keep up. I see the need to say I use this brand or that brand and feel good about yourself... I tell you, it is not necessary. Besides, you can be the one to ensure these so-called 'drug store' brands don't go extinct.

Also, if you are not a YouTuber, blogger or a social media marketer, you don't need to tell the world what products you are using. I am saying, it is not necessary... if you are a frugal shopper like me... I really do not use a lot of expensive makeup products. The least I spend on a foundation is ₦5000 and lipstick, ₦1500,,, like I have to really like it to buy it at that price... If the primer costs more than ₦3000, I'm done. I'm DIYing that shit! ...and that is nothing to be ashamed of... I'm not, but I don't know about you.



I created this simple brown smokey eyes using makeup products under 5000 ($15)

I would love to know your thoughts on the cost of beauty these days. Let me know what you think... and share this post if you like it!

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  1. Please I love to hear from you, don't forget to leave a comment. Thanks.

  2. Honestly, this post is educative. I see the drive everyday for competition but you wouldn't know craft serves more purpose to price. Most makeup products people buy in the market don't come out as flawless as the advert. I stopped using black up after I found other better product that are even cheaper and better. Clients will request for a particular product for makeover but can't afford to pay, why don't we just use the good ones and forget brands. People are given free products for review so, it will always come out positive. Thanks for the post. It's been a while since I came here. I love the look of your blog too. Thanks for sharing

    1. You are so right. Even the one with the most expensive products but with no skills can't achieve a flawless look. Truly skills play a good rule in the outcome of your makeup at the end of the day. As for clients wanting makeup they can't afford, that's exactly what I refer to when I talk about an unconscious obsession and covetousness towards 'expensive' products.

      Thanks for the compliments on my blog aesthetics too. I appreciate your visit here. I hope to see you more often.

  3. Hi Winifred, nice post ... but my thoughts are what ingredients does that cheap matte lipstick have in it? I think makeup to some extent is skin care too. Let’s keep slurging aside, if you spend quality time getting your skin in the right place then up spend another quality time plastering it with cheap products that may have a higher quality of harmful ingredients in it... then what’s the aim? That doesn’t mean that the experience high-end products don’t have some harmful stuffs in it but come on! Most of them pass through series of tests and scrutiny before it gets to the shelf. On the other hand these cheap ones come straight from some Chinese company that wants to manufacture for that man who wants to maximize profit. That doesn’t mean that others don’t produce there too but when they know there are bodies that will test their products they sit up and do the right thing. So that being said , I will spend good money for good makeup be it oyinbo brand or Naija brand. Once I don’t break out , no sun burn or rashes. I think am good.

  4. My dear, you just said a key thing, some expensive brands also have ingredients that are harmful to the skin. My point is, I'd rather spend more money on something more durable like clothes and accessories than on makeup. Also, I'd spend more money on good skincare products as well... most times there are other things that make acne-prone skin people breakout aside 'make-up' (not only cheap ones).

  5. I also started DIYing skin care because I got tired of trying DHL, Fair and white, etc. i don't even want to talk about acne skincare products I've invested in; Neutrogena, clean and clear, facial scrubs, etc...
    Now ordinary shea-butter gives me better results. Sometimes, all we need is knowledge, not expensive products. I'm speaking from expereince.

  6. i think the name of the cream is DH7... not DHL. *winks*


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