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A blemish-free beautiful skin is a big deal for women all around the world, which is why I can't begin to stress the importance of having one. From having an appealing appearance, confidently going out without makeup, being able to wear whatever you like without any form of shame, you name it. Problem is, organic skincare products are for some reasons quite exorbitant. Also, since the trend began, it is as though the focus is on skin whitening; I shudder when I see ADs on instagram about; halfcaste cream, snow white cream, etc. I also opted for natural ingredients/products because I was sure of what will be in my soap/cream and also know what to expect.

Sometime last year I started having lots of breakout on my face and chest, these eventually translated to numerous black spots on my face, because I have a very bad habit of picking my face... I would literally turn a little innocent pimple into a major wound which will linger within the next 2-3 months. It is so bad to the point that I will add to my prayer points, the ability to restrain from picking my face.

Star Image: Bentonite clay, Black soap and DIY ACV face toner.
As usual I would patronize skin care retailers, especially the ones who claim to sell ready-made organic products (I used to store them with hopes to talk about them someday), none worked. Actually, they'd work for a while, then the pimples will return...

So I started researching about natural remedies... because a lot of times we spend so much money on things that we could have done or gotten with less resources.

I'm not an expert, so I'll leave you links to where you learn more about some of these natural products, most of them might be initially expensive (depending on you), but will definitely last long and give you better results than store bought skin-care products (speaking from experience).

Bentonite Clay
1. Shea Butter: The first product that was a game-changer to my skin-care routine is Shea-butter which I've used for the past 3 years and counting. I haven't spent up to N1000 on a body cream for the past 3 years... that is just bomb! The most thrilling thing about this is that I HAVE NO REGRETS! My skin is as healthy as... My complexion is ON POINT! I don't have any discoloration whatsoever: well, except the usual knee and elbow which has been there since childhood though I'm looking for natural ways to get rid of them. Though, some people have claimed that it causes break outs on their facial skin, others claim it actually cleared their acne and spots, I believe the latter. Shea butter also enriches your skin and enhances your natural skin tone, like someone said to me once, "If sheabutter darkens you, then you have been bleaching your skin." In my observation, it'll first heal your skin, then gradually balances it to it's natural tone.
Find more details/benefits of Shea butter here and here.

2. African Black Soap: Thinking about the African black Soap reminds me of Tuface's song, "African Queen". I fell in love all over again with my culture and my roots. #wakanda moves... I feel sad a bit though because Nigerians most especially have away of suddenly making things expensive. yes...very sad and annoying. Black soap used to be cheap, now sellers  have suddenly started adding a few hundreds to the original very cheap soap. Black soap for me has been amazing, the scent is just natural. I have learnt (and still learning) how to customize it, to enhance it's benefits (I'll talk about it in another post)

3. Clay Masks: Bentonite and Rhaoul Clay discovery was a big break for me. Learning about their ability to absorbs oils and how you can stop your face from producing excess oil after sing it was quite enlightening. So far, I'd say everything that's been said about the clays are true. Sometimes, depending on your skin, you might break out when you initially start using it, but later on, your skin will adjust to it. I started using it twice a week, then I reduced it to once a week; preferably, weekends.

4. Home-made Facial Cleanser: This I make with with Apple Cider Vinegar and water. Apple Cider Vinegar has numerous health benefits according to Dr. Axe but for me, I love it's toning and detoxifying benefits. I make them in small batches like one that can last for a month. This has been more effective than spending tons of money on store-bought chemical facial cleansers.

A lot of people might have oily skin, but not all of them have acne prone skin. Having acne-prone skin can be very challenging when you don't know what to do... as in how to get rid of them. It can result in low self-esteem, lack of confidence, etc. Women who have acne prone skin may cover the skin up with makeup, but sometimes, you need to let the skin breathe by keeping it free of makeup.

I love taking care of my face because there are days I don't feel like wearing makeup and would rather go out bare-faced. There's this joy you feel when someone looks at you and goes,"Your face is so smooth, what do you use on it?"

What I do is to basically pour a little amount of ACV in a bottle and then dilute with water. To get more effects, you can add some drops of your favorite essential oils. For my face, when I started using clay masks initially, I had lots of breakouts and dark spots, I useg ACV to mix my mask, but later, I started using water.

Applying clay mask mixed with water.

I know some of you might think that ACV is expensive, but think about the fact that you can use it for numerous things in your house not just making of face toner, unlike buying one bottle of face toner that is only for the face.

I hope this post has been quite helpful. Don't forget to share your story here if you eventually try out or are already trying one of these products.

Do you make any DIY skin care products? Share with me in the comments section. I'd like to try them out.

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