12 Nigerian Beauty Brands To Consider For Your Next Haul


I dedicated this month to seeking out Naija brands. I mean, I am so into patronizing Nigerian products now without apologies. I think I am more glad that we are growing beyond producing fake or low quality products, to producing products that can compete with some international brands.

I know there are already some recognised Nigerian beauty brands, but this post is to highlight some brands that haven't gained much popularity as brands like; House of Tar, Zaron Cosmetics, Nuban Beauty, RLG Cosmetics,  Hagai & Esther, etc. I myself, am just finding out about most of these brands. 

I must confess, I'm yet to try any of them out... so this post is also for me. I'm definitely going to be on the lookout for them in my next haul.

The remarkable thing is that, these brands are not cheaper oooo...

Most of the products like matte lipsticks and mascara are between ₦2000 - 3500, so this is not a list of cheaper substitutes for costlier brands.

1. Blot Cosmetics
This line has a range of products from primers, eye-shadows, gel eyeliners, etc.


2. Elsa's Pro
elsasPRO was founded by Mrs Amaka Okeke, a beauty practitioner of over 10 years. The brand has a range of beauty products like eye-shadow palettes, eyeliner gel, blushes, etc.

3. Pibona Cosmetics
Pibona is a luxury mineral makeup line for women of all ethnicity and various skin tones. Their products range from; eye shadows, mineral liquid powder foundation, mineral matte blush, HD mascara, brow blenders, long-lasting eyeliners, luxury lip glosses, luxury matte lipsticks, automatic long-lasting lip liners, etc.
4. Kayge Cosmetics
Located in Port-Harcourt, their goal is to create products that will cater for your skin while creating gorgeous looks. I'd say it's worth giving a try.
The unique thing about this brand is its special deals like;
  • Pro membership program
  • Student discounts
See full details on their site.

5. Kuddy Cosmetics
This unique brand is a one stop shop for all thing skin care. In fact, I had only begun this research when I realized I just finished using their shea butter lotion. They are dedicated to skincare products, as well as a wide range of makeup, skincare and other cosmetic products. They also deal on other brands such as Black Opal, MAC, Makari, Neutrogena, HT26, Bio Balance and much more.
They offer other services like, bridal makeup as well as affiliate opportunities for blogger *winks*

Kuddy Cosmetics unique brand ranges from HD powder and foundation matte finish, waterproof SPF foundation, brush set, mascara, etc For skin and hair care they have; soap, cream, hair oils, hair care set, etc.

6. Trim and Prissy
Founded in 2015, Trim & Prissy products are produced in Canada. Their products range from  matte lip gloss, foundation palettes, brow palettes, liquid liner, mascara, primer, powder foundation, etc.

7. Hush Beauty
this brand has a range of eye-shadow palettes, both matte and shimmery ones, brush set, blending foam, blush palette, etc.

8. Prestige Nigeria
Their products are mostly a range of water-proof liners in different shades.

9. Beauty Kink
Beauty Kink functions as a beauty retailer and production of a lash line. They sell both local and international brands such as; Bdellium-Tools, Bh-Cosmetics, Maybelline, House-of-Tara, Zaron, LORAC, Sigma, etc. Beauty Kink also offers a full-service beauty salon.


10. Switch
Aside having their own products, Switch cosmetics retails other brands' products as well as offer services such as; makeup application, hair care & styling and nail design. They also offer world-class makeup training through the 'Camouflage Makeup Art Academy.

Their camouflage collection is quite appealing ranging from HD primer, setting spray, concealer wheel and professional brush set among others.

11. Zikel Cosmetics
Zikel cosmetics is a one-stop brand. They produce almost everything you need to stock your beauty collection. they produce contact lens, Face kits, compact powder, eyeshadow palettes, etc

12. Yanga Beauty
Yanga Beauty is an online beauty retailer that provides one-stop shopping destination for various beauty products, from high-end to mass beauty products across the categories of Makeup, fragrance, hair care, skincare, Ankara jewelry designs, beauty accessories, bath and body products, hair-styling tools and hair-care products.

There products range from makeup bags, matte lip sticks, glitters, beauty sponge, liquid liner, etc.

Wow! I'm glad you stuck to the end of this post. 

Trust me when I say that it took a lot to research all these brands and more. So don't leave here without a like or comment.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a branded content, which means I was not paid to make this list. List was created based on findings from personal/individual research of the topic.

Do you spot any brand you've already tried out? Pleeeaase share your experience with us.



  1. w'd love to patronise prestige, hush Nigeria, how do i get intouch with them?

    1. I'll make the enquiries and get back to you.

  2. All all these brands I'd try if only i had money. But then again, whenever I have extra money I don't think of makeup - I just go for clothes or props lol! I'm just not that highly into beauty, but makeup products are nice to look at, especially when they're in action. I'm interested in Switch though as I'd love to find out how much their foundation is


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