Staying Happy And Motivated During Tough Times: 6 Foolproof Tips

With the current economic situation and societal unrest in Nigeria, it is obvious that so many people are quite unhappy dissatisfied with life. This has resulted in the increase in crime rate, more unemployment, companies folding up, businesses shutting down, loss of lives and properties, etc. Despite all this, I have learnt how to stay happy and motivated and I'm going to share these 6 foolproof tips with you today. Read it up on the blog, and don't forget to leave a comment and share.

I for one will be very sincere with you, it has not been easy staying consistent as a blogger… I mean; if brands are struggling to stay afloat, they are hardly willing to spare for blogger collaborations. Also, having a full-time job while I’m blogging has also been tough… there are some very ridiculous conditions of service that I have to deal with that makes me more determined to ensure I eventually quit the 8-5 work-life… seriously.

I’ll start by sharing my story to show you that you are not alone…

I’m a woman of many passions and talents and I intend to turn them into an empire. Growing up, I thought I’d eventually be a successful model or actress (I believe it is still possible though). I also nursed great dreams of going into music. Yes. I write songs… I have more than fifty written songs… un-sung and un-produced.

Now that I’m a woman, some of those dreams have faded. I have let them go to give way to new ones. However, it is quite disheartening to feel like I may never actualize these new ones… Sometimes, I feel like I am so unlucky… I feel like life hasn’t been fair with my goals and ambitions. I feel like I have been dealt a different path or cause than I need or require to exist…

So you see that despite all the happiness that I exude, I have a lot that I’m battling with…

But guess what?

I’m hopeful! I haven’t lost faith… I believe that everything and anything is possible.

I know that God can make my dreams come through, just like He did for Abraham and Sarah, even in their old age… (though I pray mine comes sooner)

So, while I wait for my dreams to come through, this is how I stay motivated, and these tips have worked… the fact that I’m here writing this post is evidence that they work.

1. Prayers: The role of prayers in one’s life cannot be over-emphasised. It is important to note that, while we pray, God’s preference is to lead us in the way that we should go. So if your request is not in sync with his plan for your life, he may lead you through another path. I say this because a lot of times we lose faith, believing that God did not hear you or stuff like that. Just ask God to lead you and take control. Ask him to feel your life with happiness and joy unspeakable. This will help you stay happy, even if you don’t see what you want to see.
Remember, his desires and plans precede yours and mine.

2. Stay Positive: To help me stay happy and motivated, I try to keep my mind positive. I make sure I talk to people who are positive about my concerns. Just in case you are asking, “How do I know if someone is positive?” You’ll know them from how they talk and their mindset. I also follow lots of motivational speakers and positive quotes sites on social media like @positivequotes and @dailygodprenuers.

3. Listen to Motivational Songs: I don’t think tough times are the best times to listen to songs about killing, shooting, sex, etc. You will be lost. Songs that instigate negative thoughts can only produce negative reactions. Suicidal thoughts, hate, lust, etc can only be ignited by constantly feeling your mind with music that promotes such… For me, if it is not gospel, inspirational or motivational, I don’t listen to or sing it.

4. Keep Negative News Away: I know this is not easy, sometimes, you can’t even control the news you hear, but I mean consciously staying away from watching news stations that mostly talk about all the terrible things happening in the world. This is just like taking a break from carbs when you are on a diet or trying to lose weight. You want to detoxify. Feed your mind with messages or motivational speech by preachers and speakers alike.

5. Get Acquainted With People Who Motivate You: Get to know people who motivate you. Before, all we had was books and Wikipedia, but now, Social Media has made it so easy to get to know people you might never even meet in a lifetime. Imagine knowing what makes Tara Durutoye, Toke Makinwa and Mo Abudu tick. Through their posts and captions, you are daily learning about their mindset, who they are, why they have become who they are, etc. So just go ahead and follow as many people who motivate you as can.

6. Surround Yourself With Loved Ones: Now it is important to note that sometimes, your loved ones might not necessarily motivate you, especially if they are not interested or like what you want to do or who you want to become. So, you need to surround yourself with them, mostly when they are quite supportive. Contrary to that, you may need to keep them in the dark or stay away till you achieve your goals. In this case, let your success speak for you.

I don’t know what you may be going through now, but I’m certain these foolproof tips will definitely get you through.

When times are hard, you need to stay sane, and you can’t stay sane when you are not happy… There are so many depressed people in the world today, whom if care is not taken will let it take over their lives.

I hope this post has helped you today… Kindly share this to help someone out today.

I would like to know how you stay happy and motivated during tough times. Share your tips in the comments section.
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