What I'm Doing Differently In 2018 + Back-to-front Shirt

"Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness...

Happy New Year beloved.

Welcome to 2018. I hope 2017 was a great year for you. 

This is not one of those 'New Year Resolution' posts where you pledge to do things that you don't eventually do. Seriously, you know those unrealistic dreams or targets we set because everyone else is doing it or because it is a tradition or something... No. This is not that kind of post.

This is the real deal.

This is a post about realistic goals you set and mean to achieve... like, plans are already underway to realising them. 

I don't know how 2017 was for you, but I'm not just going to jump on the "Oh! It was great" band-wagon and pretend like it was all good... and please, this is not being pessimistic or ungrateful. Actually, the most significant testimony I have from 2017 is that I made it... We made it! Like seriously, God was literarily faithful... I don't know how he did. He truly made a way, because the year was quite tough for my family... as a blogger, I battled with my hosting, brand making me ridiculous/one-sided offers, etc. In business (off-blogging of course) there were road-blocks everywhere... I struggled emotionally, socially, spiritually and psychologically... I didn't like gaining weight, and OMG! Acne dealt with me seriously... (I guess when you are not happy and also stressed out... those things just show up)

So I have decided to make sure I don't have that experience again!

I'd start by saying, that, it is not just about saying it, you've got to be ready to work for it... Not forgetting that "It is not by power nor might, but my Spirit says the Lord." The past two years of my life, I must confess, have been a spiritual roller-coaster. Not that I stopped worshipping God, but I must say, I haven't been so fervent. I haven't been consistent. I've had a 'one leg in, one leg out' affair with my maker and it has affected everything about. But my God is so good that he still didn't forsake me.

So today I'm going to use my experience and resolutions... yes resolutions to suggest ways you can make this year far much better than 2017.

1. I'm starting with re-establishing myself in the kingdom of God. Rendering myself to the service of God, the ministry of the Holy Spirit and fellowships with God's people. 

As a child of God, my prosperity is tied to God, and the farther I go from him, the more difficulties and challenges I'll face and sometimes may not be able to surmount. So I'm going to fasten my body, soul and spirit to serving God this year.

2. I intend to start a business. I have to and I will. So I'll just end it here.
3. I will lose all these weights I've gained post-partum by engaging in DOABLE exercise routines and healthy and affordable diet.
4. Advance my studies, locally or internationally. I'll surely keep you posted.

As for my blog, everything is tied to God. So, i"m positive I'll get better at it and better results as well.

The truth is, when you make plans, you are focused and organised. As soon as funds come in, you know exactly what to spend it on.

You see? That is why I am a minimalist.

Planning always works. 

I'm wearing: Back-to-front (can be worn both ways) Stripe Shirt by Hana, Black Stretch Pants by Fast Fish and this cute pair of loafers by Munro.

What are you doing differently in 2018?

Happy New Year.

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