This Brand Will Give Your Dressing Room An Envious Minimal Touch

mood boardI will start by confessing that before I transitioned my wardrobe to a minimal one, I have always loved white and neutral colors. I've always had that love-hate relationship with pink and other bright/bold colors. You know how it is assumed that every woman's favourite color is pink? Trust me, I'm not one of them. I mean, I did wear pink and owned a few pink accessories, but I am certain it has never been because it's a favourite color.



White and black has always been it for me. Now that I think about... the pattern has been consistent... My best look in makeup are black smokey eyes or nudes, I love little white/black dresses, I love white houses... I didn't just make a brand out of it... Wow!

Anyway, to the subject of the day, which is this moodboard I curated in collaboration with Arhaus furniture. Their pieces are just like a dream... from the lighting, dressers, side tables, sofas to the mirrors and other 'dream-home' basics.



When they reached out to me through one of their marketers to review their brand, I thought it was one of those partnerships that... well, when I eventually decided to go with the flow, I must say that I am impressed with what I have seen so far. Though they didn't literally mention they wanted to work with me because of minimalism, but I could see it... like seriously... it is evident that the brand is all so minimal. I am certain that if they could ship their product to Nigeria, I will be so glad to give them the job of decorating the interior of my house. 



What I love most about Arhaus products apart from the minimal appeal is the class... I mean, check them out, you can see things for yourself. You will definitely see the classiness of their products. I can only picture myself in my 'dream' dressing room with hubby or a few friends, gisting while I try on outfits... hmmmm... "ok, stop dreaming." The aesthetic appeal from the images on their site just says it all.

They have products ranging from outdoors  furniture to interiors; jewelries, plant stands, wall decors, planters, etc.

If you love simplicity, class and a life of leaving all the 'vaa, vaa voom!' colors in the streets - coming home to a cool, toned down, pleasant and serene home, then Arhaus is the brand you need to brand your home.


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