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"for the weapons of our warfare are not canal..."

What's up? What's up? My people on this part of the world... how are you doing? It's been a while, and trust me I know. I must say that I am not impressed with my commitment and level of consistency on the blog this year...

However, I must mention that it has been quite rocky this year... some folks my say, "That's normal." or "That's life.", though I am not a part of that school of thought. I know that in life, there are challenges, but I also believe in my faith, my God and His ability to turn things around for my good... in my favour.

This year has been quite a tough one... coming back to work (after maternity leave) to an almost crumbling business. How God saw us through, helped us stabilize, etc. Though I still feel a lot of damage was done and we are still recovering from all that.

I'm sharing this part of my life today with hope to encourage someone that is struggling in a particular area of life. When it is toughest or hardest is when you should hold on the most. "It is easier said than done." you might think, but I've been there, and I know what I am talking about. The most difficult part of entrepreneurship and leadership is that 95% of people around you believe that ALL IS WELL WITH YOU. Except told... or you bring people into your inner-circle and give details, everyone believes that you are flying on a pedestal and that life is so rosy. A higher bunch of them believe that you are a lying, cheating, bastard who doesn't give a shit about anyone else but yourself (i.e. your business). Another group believe that because they work for you or that they are your clients, they are entitled to ridiculous fringe benefits; pay without work, fully-paid for being absence, freebies and incentives without any atom of loyalty or commitment to the growth of your business: a bunch of workers or clients who seldom encourage others to patronise you, who seldom bring in any added value to your business, who owe the hell out of you, who frustrate almost every innovative idea you bring to the table...

You need to train yourself to fully comprehend that you can’t please everyone… cut yourself some slack… sometimes, when you lose a client or a 'seemingly' great staff, you need to sip on a glass of wine and relax.

I think the biggest lesson I've learnt so far and which is the advice I'm willing to offer on this post today is that you do proper feasibility study about the location of your business, the mindset of your 'proposed clients', what is regarded as valuable, etc. before you set up... before you throw in your millions... before you embark on selling your big dreams and vision out... be sure you are in the right place... and at the right time too.

Nevertheless, my consolation and confidence thus far is that I know that God is able to turn ANY situation around for my good: even if I made a wrong choice or a terrible mistake, He can turn it around for my good.


As for the unseen battles... hmmmmm! Have you done something so well, you are convinced you should have made so much progress, 100% better than you are doing? Ever been there? 

That is how I feel. That is what I see. 

The dreams... the pattern... I strongly believe that there is more to the hitches I have been facing than the eye can see. However, I know how to settle unseen battles...

I know some of us are specially good in seeing the good in people, but I tell you this, consciously reminding yourself that not everyone is as simple-minded or as sincere, or as genuine or as loyal as you are is the beginning of doing away with wicked and unreasonable person in your life... be it in career, relationship, work or business. You will save yourself from a lot of huddles.

I'm going to stop my thoughts right here, so I can get some rest... till the next post...


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