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It’s a Happy Birthday to meeeeeee!!! Yaaaayyy!

Wow! It’s just amazing how one can change in a year. It is true what they say, if you haven’t seen someone for 2-3 years in a row, chances are that that person is no longer the person he/she was when you last saw them. 

TBT 2016, I celebrated for the first time as a mum to my beautiful Gorgeous baby and a wife to the husband of my youth… I must confess that it has been another amazing year of love, peace, understanding, etc. the list goes on.


I want to use this opportunity to celebrate my God and father, my Lord Jesus Christ and the sweet Holy Spirit for being my best friend, teacher, guide, companion, leader, etc.

Where there challenges? Of course, yes! Did the enemy try to bring me down? Definitely! But did they succeed… No way!

You know… because just like Hezekiah Walker sang,

“But you know He favoured me because, my enemies they tried, but couldn’t triumph over me… Yes they did try, but couldn’t triumph over me!”

And then he went ahead to say…

“They whispered, conspired, they told their lies, but God favoured me… My character, my integrity, my faith in God, but He favours me. (I) Will not fall, (I) will not faint, (I) won’t compromise, He favoured me…”

Need I forget?

 “Wondering why I did not die, I’d be happy to tell you why… God favours me! …Someday the well was dry, but I had the same reply… Evil tried to bring me down inside, but God said, “Again arise…“ “


I fell in love with this song (Part 1 & 2) four years ago in Abuja. Living by myself and slugging life out, learning for the first time to be self dependent… you know, no relatives, girlfriends, boyfriends, etc… As some put it then, “Grow up!” I meditated on it, I sang it, I played it, I lived by it, and truthfully, God has favoured me… I can see it now.

It’s ironic how sometimes because of so much want, want of mundane things like a luxurious birthday bash or a unique and instagram worthy photo shoot (I’m still having one though... hopefully) a worthy and befitting gift (there had better be plans for me though), we forget the things that matter like; life, health, love, peace, respect, unity, a job… you know a means of livelihood… these are little things worth celebrating… because many people will give anything to have what I have, and here I am worrying about how to have a mega party on my birthday…



This is how life is. Sometimes we focus so much on the problems surrounding us (especially when they are inconsequential) and forget God’s word and His promises. We make lots of mistakes and errors, sometimes we even trade on dangerous parts just to achieve something that is not the will of God for our lives… I hope I’m speaking to someone today… It may be time for you to go back to the place where you first met God. Where He was your all-in-all, where He was your way-maker, where He was Lord and Master, forget your brothers, forget your sisters, forget your pastor, forget your cell and fellowship leaders, forget your prophets and get back on your knees… shut your doors and have a fellowship with your father and maker!


I didn’t plan to write this way, but for some reason, my hands couldn’t stop typing these words…

I don’t know who this message is for today, but God is reaching out to you… stop running… let go of the distractions and focus on Him. Give Him a chance to raise you far above those limitations and mountains.

As for me, I have surrendered to His will.

I don’t even know what plans are in place as when this post was being typed, but whatever it may be… I’m a happy woman. I love my life… though it doesn’t stop me from aspiring for better days… nonetheless, I’m grateful for who and what I am today, and no one could have made it possible except God.

So all praises be to His NAME. Gloryyyyy!!!


I'm wearing: Peplum top by V_Benyche (order), Jeggings by Atmosphere and Sandals by Nine West (linked to similar)

How was your birthday this year? Anything special?.. Share you experience below, while we remember to appreciate the little things.

Till next time…


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