Praying About Your Future Spouse: Necessary or Not?

"The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much..."

Praying About Your Future Spouse

A few years back, I got into a conversation about praying for your future husband with my colleagues and I was shocked at the opinions some of them had about the subject. So fast track to today, being happily married and all, I can't help but wonder if they still hold on to their opinion or not. Well, since I have a blog now, what better way to share my thoughts and also get to know what the views of my readers are, and if possible inspire some people to think differently regarding the matter.

DISCLAIMER: In our world today, we have the liberal-minded, the politically correct-conscious, the atheists, the evangelicals, etc. This post is specifically for believers (in Christ) and the liberal minded, and if by any chance you don't fall into these two categories, but you are inspired by this post... Great too!

So we were talking about the necessity of praying about your future wife or husband as regards to qualities/traits you would like to see, the will of God, compatibility with your spouse, etc. I was and still am of the opinion that one should pray incessantly concerning the kind of spouse s/he would like to end up with. I know many people will think, "Are you saying all the broken homes and failed relationships are as a result of not praying?", well not necessarily, but check veeeeeeeeery well, it is mostly because of that.

The truth is that, it doesn't end with praying, listening and heeding to what the Holy Spirit says is the next step. A lot of folks pray, but they don't listen, and so they don't hear, some hear, but what they want is different from what God wants, so they shun His voice and warnings, and still go ahead with what they want.

During this discussion, some of my colleagues were like..."for sure girl...why won't I pray about my future hubby? ...I don't want to hear stories that touch the heart..." While some were like, "It is not necessary...what will be will be." One even said, "If my parents married and lived happily ever after, why shouldn't I? I don't need to pray, I'm definitely going to marry one day."

... don't get me wrong... I totally appreciate her positive-mindedness, but I still have my reservations about the "not necessary to pray" aspect.

Yes. you may finally marry, but how well? Marriage is not like bf/gf that can just walk out on... yeah, some people do... our beloved celebrities have made divorce look like going to shoprite and back. However, in reality, it is tough... it is the worst kind of break up...and if you've had kids together... worse still. You are forever in each other's lives whether you can stand each other or not... and me... there is nothing I hate like being around people that don't bring joy into my life.

I also have my opinion because I don't believe in the 'when I get to that bridge, I will cross it' mindset in stuff like marriage. You don't wait till you are married to discover he is stingy, an abusive or violent person, a ritualist, etc. Prayer gives you wisdom to discern and read meaning into words and actions, it reveals things insightfully, it shields you from future mistakes, etc... I could go on.

So I still strongly believe you should spend time to really pray about the kind of spouse you want to have... and remember, wealth and beauty is not all there is to ask for.

Now it's your turn. I would like to know your thoughts on this subject... Would you or did you pray concerning you spouse? If yes/no, why?


  1. That praying is really necessary o... Before you find the right one and even afteryou have found him/her

  2. Truth. You can't relax because you think you have arrived.

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